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We often ask who are the Top internet marketers before picking the best Digital Marketing Agency for our own business. In my case I looked for the Best Search Engine Gurus in Dubai. I scrolled down the First Page of Google and there I was but I wanted to go a little deeper in analyzing the top SEO Agencies so I could work on my own strategy and a strong foundation for building my own SEO Empire.  So I gathered some information that Id like to share with you.

The times have changed and we have witnessed how the internet visibility is an absolute necessity for every company. What is even more important is the assurance that you are not only visible on the internet but also generating leads, increasing the conversion rate. For this very reason Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become inevitable.

If you own a UAE – based business and if you are looking for the right SEO agency my analysis would help you take the best decision. I am NOT a good sales person so Im not very good at making a sales pitch but Im really good at helping others and hopefully you will find some value in my blog.

Top 3 SEO Companies in UAE for Local Businesses

Top SEO Agency – Smart Digital Marketing

My 1st Vote would always go with Smart Digital Marketing not because I own the company but simply because it is the new emerging star in the SEO World.  Smart Digital Marketing has the world’s Top SEO Experts and the most advanced and up to date Knowledge Base that always keeps Smart Digital Marketing ahead of our competitors. We know what works the best. Our systems and processes guard our rankings like the brave knights. We are well aware of what is happening in our industry. Our various Internet marketing techniques and cutting edge technology has given us the ultimate competitive edge over our competition. Smart Digital Marketing has joined the league of the TOP SEO Agencies in a very short time.

#1 SEO Agency

Expert SEO Dubai established in 2012, has the employee strength of 11 to 25 people and around 40 clients. Their Client retention rate is 92%. Their customer service and result oriented approach has earned them loyal and happy customers. The average revenue is approximately $2 Miliion and varies between $1M to $3M. This agency only offers SEO Services to its clients and makes more than those offering a number of services and sets a premier pricing strategy for the clients, which has been a successful strategy for them. They have a smaller number of clients and charging them a large fee for their services. Although, the agency is only three years old and doing better than many old SEO Agencies.

SEO Dubai – Top SEO Agency in DXB
The Best Search engine Marketing done by the best seo experts recognized worldwide for their excellant performance with some of the finest Search engine Gurus. I
Top SEO Experts in DUbai
Dubai's Top SEO Experts
Top Search Engine Optimization Experts in Dubai

#2  Verbanet Technologies (

Verbanet was established in 1999. It has 51 to 100 employees depending on the demand and economic conditions. It has a few more clients than Expert SEO Dubai around 45 clients in 2015 and has a sound client retention rate of 80% which is 12% lower than Expert SEO Dubai. Verbanet generates an annual revenue between $1M to $3 which is the same as Expert SEO Dubai. However, they are also providing web designing and web development services to their clients in addition to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Some of the Major clients of verbanet are Zawya, Dubai Mjunicipality, Tejari FZ LLc, E Exchange. The pricing strategy is more robust offering Mid-level rates for the average internet marketer.

Top SEO , Search Engine OPtimization Agency in Dubai. verbanet_2 Top SEO dubai

#3  Cosmos Star Consultant

Founded in 2008 and has 25 to 50 employees successfully catering to 50 clients. The retention rate is around 92% but the revenue swings between $0.25M to $1M. They are charging lower than the the top 2 SEO agencies but it is remarkable that they are managing more clients and maintaining a high retention rate as well. Their Services include Search Engine Optimization and Web Designing. The major clients include Econ Touch, Al Qasba, Part Holic Dubai, ICMB.

#2 Top Search Engine Optimization Agency in Dubai
#3 Top SEO Agency in Dubai

#2 Top Search Engine Optimization Agency in Dubai cosmo_2


It is not the quantity but the quality of services your provide and you can establish a profitable SEO agency, even if you do not provide other relates services just stay focused at what you do best. One common quality in our Top SEO agencies was their high retention rate. Keep you clients happy and they will generte consistent income for you for a long time.

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