How to steal the number 1 position on Search Engines!

In order to steal the number 1 position you must find the number 1 SEO agency. If they can rank themselves on number 1, they can do it for you as well. The problem comes when all agencies claim to be the best SEO Agency in town. In our case, every SEO Agency in Dubai claims to be the top agency. They are charging as low as AED 1,000 up to AED 10,000+ per month. If you have good quality services and products yet your competitors are taking away your customers while reducing your overall market share. You must underpin the cause of such success of your competitors.

Before that you must determine the acquisition cost per customer and do a cost benefit analysis. Your cost should not outweigh the revenue that customer will generate for you. So SEO is NOT for every organization. For example SEO would be beneficial for a doctor but not for crisps.

Many Search Engine optimization (SEO) agencies are present in the market but which one can really help us. The answer is very simple. The agency which is on top of its research. An agency that knows when google will be changing its algorithm.

It is not an easy task to stay ahead of Google in anticipating what’s coming next. It requires systems directories and networks of millions of pages to determine what causes Google to behave in a certain way.

It is highly advisable to select an expert who has received proper training in SEO Although there is no college or university providing any qualification in SEO but there are underground communities providing training at a very high price. It is advisable to ask the expert where he got his training from.

A trained SEO Expert can rank your website on the first page without connecting your website to low quality spammy back-links. Don’t compromise on the selection of your SEO Agency, as a single wrong move can seriously damage your online presence and completely swipe you off Google. Remember google bots are constantly crawling websites and your links.

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Founder and Managing Partner- Kanwal Shahzad is the founder of Smart Digital Marketing, a digital marketing agency focused on growing local businesses. She is a highly talented & accomplished Entrepreneur with a natural flair for creativity. She is a visionary with an eagerness to grow community trends & spread positivity & happiness across the globe. She is known for her innovative and unique marketing campaigns. She is focused on bringing people together, developing strong communities of like-minded people with shared values. She supports orphans, needy children & youth development.

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