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3 Best Benefits of Featured Snippets

To understand the benefits of featured snippets, allow me to explain what featured snippets are.  For starters, featured snippets are paragraphs, words, or lists that appear in the form of boxes at the top of your search surfaces displayed by Google.  That means it is the easiest way that Google determines if a website’s content and information are well structured, simple, functional, and informative when looking to answer a client’s question.  Therefore, once Google determines if the featured snippets rank top on the Google pages, you will have the following benefits to your website. 1. Increased Website Traffic Featured snippets

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3 Major Benefits of Rich Results with Advanced Schema Markup

Understanding the information and content on the internet does not require rocket science. However, for this reason, major search engines created a system that enables one to have rich, relevant, and reputable information.  Schema Markup is a detailed and broad labeling structure that allows the search engine to figure out and deliver your content results. That means it is a system that facilitates your website to rank well on the search engine result pages.  Therefore for one to have rich results, you have to empress and add Schema Markup to your website.   But, what are the benefits of rich results

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WooCommerce SEO

How To Do SEO on WooCommerce Stores in 2021?

SEO for a WooCommerce store starts is the same as for any other type of website. However, it includes a few additional steps to make your SEO campaign a huge success. Here are the 4 main steps involved in doing SEO for a WooCommerce Store in 2021: Keyword Research Competitors Analysis On-page Optimization Off-page Optimization When we look at all the big brands sitting on top of the search engines for the majority of the money keywords, it makes us wonder if SEO would really work for smaller stores with a smaller budget for content. After you are done with

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Keyword Intent Tagging Guide – Informational, Commercial And Transactional

What is keyword intent tagging? Keyword intent is the intention behind each search term. It determines the next action the user is likely to take on the website he visits. Broad search terms indicate the user is in the research phase, while more specific long-tail keywords indicate the user is in the purchase phase. What are the High Intent Keywords? High intent keywords are also said to have high commercial intent. These keywords signify a strong intent on the part of the searcher to conduct a transaction, whether it be to buy something, inquire about a service, or another type

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How to analyze on-page copy quality

30-second summary: Content quality is key to high rankings in Google organic but it is not easy to tell what a search crawler may deem high quality. High-quality content is most surely one that is semantically relevant to a target query and covers the given topic deep enough to satisfy a search user, hence semantic relevancy is probably the most powerful SEO signal. Content structure helps Google and its users to quickly grasp the main points covered on the page. So topical and logical subheadings may be a sign of a good copy. Readability and accessibility may not be direct

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How questionnaires can help you evolve your product or business

How questionnaires can help you evolve your product or business

30-second summary: Customers are at the heart of brand success and customer feedback is a leading resource that you should never take for granted. While it is true that there is a lot of useful information that can be collected without customer intervention, things like questionnaires are no less important. The more you talk to your clients, the more valuable information you obtain, the easier it is to address consumer needs. Zakhar Yung shares a comprehensive guide to make the most of customer feedback for business growth and development. Customers are at the heart of brand success. Brands do their

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How to use heatmaps to level up your content marketing game

How to use heatmaps to level up your content marketing game

30-second summary: Heatmaps represent user engagement data on your web page in a graphical form. They were introduced by Cormac Kinney, the software maker, to help traders beat the market. Today, marketers use heatmaps to visualize users’ behavior on content and improve their content marketing accordingly. If you are on the digital marketing scene, you’ve probably already heard of heatmaps. They are a great tool for marketers to see how users interact with websites. For those of you who are newbie marketers, let’s have a brief look at what a heatmap is. Heatmaps: Introduction and types A heatmap can be

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Seven smart ways to upgrade your ecommerce content marketing strategy

7 smart ways to upgrade your E-commerce content marketing strategy

30-second summary: A marketing strategy that focuses on a unique target market is called a niche-hub strategy. Create a niche website and document its progress. Use content formats that boost audience engagement and are easy to produce, such as blog posts, videos, lists, webinars, etc. People engage more with a site that loads fast. Therefore, improve site speed by using affordable options such as cloud storage and AMP. User-generated content makes your brand more personable. Engage with your audience by embedding their comments into your article, running contests, giveaways, or using a hashtag. Country of origin affects consumer behavior. Consider

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Six strategies guaranteed to help you build more backlinks to your website

6 strategies guaranteed to help you build more backlinks to your website

30-second summary: SEO is always changing but the need for high-quality backlinks remains constant. Traditional link building methods aren’t as effective as they once were. Marketers don’t need to reinvent the wheel to get good at building links. They just need to approach old strategies in modern ways. The best way to build links is to blend long-term strategies with short-term tactics that will generate quick wins. If you’ve spent any time experimenting with SEO, you probably know that links are essential to ranking organically in the search engine results pages (SERPs). To Google, a link is more than just a

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How to use content marketing to boost search rankings, ecommerce conversions and user experience

How To Use Content Marketing To Boost E-commerce Conversions

30-second summary: Content marketing is a strategy focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content that’ll get people to take action. It’ll help your ecommerce site to rank higher on search engines without having to spend a lot on ads. Publishing content that your potential customers find helpful and packed with valuable information helps you win their trust, making it easier to convince them to buy. Content like how-to videos, online courses, and infographics are easier to consume and boost your site visitors’ overall user experience. When you think of content marketing, you might imagine this only applies to digital agencies

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