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Internal Links

External Link Building is against Google’s guidelines. We create useful internal links to and from relevant posts/pages on your site improving the user experience and engagement.

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Advanced Structured Data Markup

We speak the language Google understands. We add advanced schema markup for maximum coverage in the knowledge graph, earn rich results and improve your click-through-rate CTR can by 87%.

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Featured Snippets

Reaching the 1st page of Google is not enough.  We will rank you above the 1st position, called position zero in just a few days after your your site reaches the first page of Google. Featured snippets instantly increase your traffic by 50% to 70%.

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Get Results in 90 Days

We get results in 90 days or We Work For Free if goals are unachieved in the set time-frame.

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Welcome To Smart SEO Dubai

Top SEO Company In Dubai For Your Website

Smart SEO Dubai is driving high-quality traffic to websites. Get Fast guaranteed results with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Generate 10X more leads with our Smart SEO Solutions.

Smart Digital Marketing is a top-notch SEO agency based in Dubai with over 10 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We offer Content-driven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to small & medium-sized companies (SMEs) in Dubai and across UAE. We drive 20X more traffic to your website from Google

Being Google Partners, we are the first ones to know about any changes in the ever-evolving Google Algorithm. Our search engine optimization campaigns are not affected by Google Algorithm Changes. As we implement 100% safe SEO techniques.

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We do not stop until we deliver what we promised.

What We Don't Do?

We underpromise and overdeliver!

What We Do?

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Our Smart SEO Clients In Dubai

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Our 1st Page Rankings Speak For Themselves

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This Is How We Got Results?

We prioritized and optimized over 200 SEO factors laid out by Google. We divided all the factors into 5 main categories. 

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We will help you until you get 20x more traffic to your site

Here Is Our 9-step SEO Process For Results in 90 Days.

During the first 3 Months,  We analyze your website first. Then prioritize 200 SEO factors based on your weaknesses and strengths. 

For fast results, we emphasize on SEO factors with the highest weightage in the Google Algorithm. 

We carry out a omprehensive keyword analysis, website audit, competitors analysis to build an effective SEO plan. Our SEO plan contains content ideas for 12 months. All keywords are mapped to relevant pages and a content plan is created.

We Increase website relevancy by inserting LSI keywords throughout the website. We optimize your URL structure, meta tags, images and existing content. We create additional content for the target pages to match the word count on top ranking pages.

We create fresh content every month using informational, commercial, and transactional keywords. These keywords eventually boost your primary keywords bringing in high-targeted traffic with a clear intention to buy your products and services.
We make your site fast, light and mobile-friendly. We reduce the page load time to 3s or less. Most people leave the site if it does not load within 3s. We make sure your site is crawled and indexed by Google regularly. We submit the sitemap to Google Search Console periodically. Our content gets instantly indexed by Google & Bing.
Google not only looks at the external links but also at the internal links on your website. The more links you create from your own posts to posts and pages to pages, the more power flows from one to the other. We create useful internal links to and from relevant posts/pages on your site. Internal links enhance the user experience and engagement.
We do not build links, we earn links. We focus on creating link-worthy content that earns links from popular sites naturally, e.g , Forbes, Gulf News, Khaleej Times. Buying links or creating links from your own sites is against the Google Policy. Sooner or later Google will discover your paid links and penalize your site.
We speak the language Google understands. We add short codes to your website in the preferred language of Google. It gives you maximum coverage in the knowledge graph and improves your . click-through-rate (CTR). We generate rich results like reviews, ratings, prices, events, FAQs, and much more. For some rich results the CTR can jump as high as 87%.
Reaching the 1st page of Google is not enough. 70% of the traffic goes to the top 3 ranking sites. If you fall below the 3rd position, you will not get as much traffic. We will rank you above the 1st position, called position zero in just a few days after your blog post reaches the first page of Google. Featured snippets instantly increase your traffic by 50% to 70%.

Measurement is critical to SEO success. We set SMART goals and KPIs to measure performance. Our SEO Experts analyze data using our cutting edge reporting system. Our data analysts help fuel our SEO campaigns with data-driven strategies. We present all data in easy to understand reports. The reports are further explained in a short video.

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Do You Want To Increase The Organic Traffic And Sales?

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Why Is SEO Essential For Businesses in Dubai?

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What is SEO and how it works?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a series of activities done over a period of time for increasing the quantity and quality of organic traffic from the engaged search engines by continuously optimizing content, images, page speed and authority of a website.

To sum up all, with Smart SEO Dubai solutions, you will get unique, high-quality, engaging and useful content on your website every week. We will also post several well-researched articles across high-authority websites on the internet for off page seo. Each article will contain a link to your site, making your website stronger and more reliable.

You need to start now, to get the desired results in three to six months time. We are the best SEO agency in Dubai that you have been looking for. We will outrank your competitors by pushing your site to the first page of Google.

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Most Frequent Asked Questions About SEO

There are over 200 points Google looks at when ranking a site on the results page. It all starts with planning including Keyword Research, Website Audit, Competitors Analysis. A good SEO plan creates a solid foundation for SEO.

We can categorize all 200 points into 3 broad categories. SEO follows the steps given below

  1. Technical SEO
  2. On-page Optimization
  3. Off-page Optimization

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SEO Requires a system with variables that are fixed. Since SEO is a process that is always changing and adjusting, staying at the top for a long time can be challenging. Hence, the need for a monthly fee is correct.

You do not have to pay us anything after you reach page one. You can enjoy FREE traffic thereafter.

We will rank your website using the latest techniques, what is working now rather than what was working six months ago. Since we use white hat SEO techniques, our rankings are much more sustainable and long lasting. Therefore, we would cost you less in the long term and turn out to be cheaper than the other agencies. You can save thousands of dollars

We guarantee Google traffic flooding to your website. We guarantee page 1 rankings within three to six months depending on your competition and keyword difficulty.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business. Our focus is to rank your website for the right keywords, so your target audience can find you easily. We assure you leads.

We have a proven record of page 1 Google rankings and satisfied customers all over the world. We work closely with the top SEO experts in the world to generate real results for our clients.

Can you afford to lose more customers? We understand that finances can be a challenge, and we always do our best to work with people in this scenario.

  • Are you struggling to get more customers?
  • Are you unable to meet the sales target?
  • Is it nerve wracking to watch your sales go down?
  • Do you have high overheads due to traditional marketing expenses?
  • Is your bottom line crippling?
  • Are your numbers good enough to present to your Board of Directors, this year?
  • Do you wish you had invested more in sales and marketing to generate better results?
If your answer is yes to all or most of the questions above and If you are determined to change things around for your business in 2021. Then you need to engage a reliable & smart SEO agency in Dubai with a proven track record of the search engine results. We maximize the return on every dirham spent on Search Engine Optimization of your site.
This program is right for you if you are facing any of the following challenges:
  • Tough Competition
  • Slow results with SEO
  • Have been fooled by cheaper SEO Companies before
This Program Is Not Right For You, IF… If you don’t already have a running business with a reasonable number of clients who trust you. If you are not providing high-quality products and services. If you cannot wait for 6 months to be on page 1. If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme.
It depends on the keyword difficulty of your chosen keywords. The keyword difficulty is determined by the competition level on the search engines. If many sites are trying to rank for the same keyword. The keyword difficulty is perceived to be high. Here is the timeframe for ranking keywords on the 1st page of Google:
  • Low competition keywords – 1 to 3 months
  • Medium competition keywords – 4 to 6 months
  • High competition keywords – 7 to 15 months
It is recommended that you choose a mix of low, medium, and high competition keywords. We recommend targeting 5% to 10% high competition keywords. 10 to 15% medium competition keywords, and 75% to 85% long term keywords.
Tell us your top 3 competitors. Then we will analyze the keywords they are currently ranking for. We will shortlist the keywords based on the following factors:
  • Search Volume
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Domain authority of the top 3 sites

All our team members and clients are connected on Google cloud, where you can view the work done by each team member. We believe in 100% transparency. We use 100% safe SEO techniques.

We will share weekly and monthly reports in Google Data Studio. All reports are directly imported from Google Analytics & Google Search Console. Additionally,  you will receive a ranking report where you can view the month-on-month ranking progress.

You can communicate with our account manager in our whatsapp group. Your account manager and the support team will be available to you 24/7.

You can send us a request for our previous work or download case studies already available on our site. Also, feel free to get in touch with our previous clients for honest feedback. If still not satisfied,  feel free to go through customer reviews on our site.

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