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Smart Digital Marketing is the top SEO agency based in Dubai since 2015. We bring over 10 years of experience in Dubai.

Being Google Partners, we will deliver the best SEO results for your site within 3 to 5 months. Our smart SEO Dubai solutions give guaranteed 1st page rankings on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

14 Exclusive Benefits of Our SEO Services:

  • 10+ Monthly Blog Posts
  • 1500 to 3000 additional words on Target Pages
  • 1 Hour of Monthly Consultation
  • 100% Guaranteed Results
  • 100% Transparency
  • 100% Google Compliant SEO
  • 200% to 700% ROI
  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • Fast Results in 2 to 3 Months
  • Customer-centric Approach
  • 99% Customer Retention Rate
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • High Conversion Rate With Lead Forms
  • Website Maintenance

We offer top-notch Content-driven Smart Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to small & medium-sized companies in Dubai and across UAE.

We help your site gain more visibility on Google Search by driving high-quality traffic to your website. 

What do we offer in all our SEO Packages?

  • SEO Planning
  • Technical SEO
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Blog Posts
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Mind-blowing SEO Case Studies

We have done it over and over again. We can do the same for you!

You don’t have to wait for 1 year to see the results. SEO is fast if you know how to do it right. For the best SEO results, you must carry out SEO for at least 6 to 8 months.

We are the trusted SEO Agency in Dubai. We have ranked 1000s of keywords on the first page of the search results. We take great pride in our fast results on top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

We have consistently generated phenomenal SEO results for our clients in Dubai as well as across the world.  We will continue to dominate the search results for our existing and new clients in 2021.  

Our unique SEO strategy gives guaranteed fast and long-lasting results. Here are some of our keywords positioned on top of the search results pages.

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Why Is SEO Important For Your Business?

  • SEO has the highest conversion rate of 14.7%
  • Highly targeted site visitors
  • SEO builds brand awareness and credibility 
  • SEO lowers advertising costs
  • SEO ensures your site is mobile-friendly
  • SEO improves website speed
  • SEO Increases Your Followers on Social Media
  • SEO Helps You Increase Your Market Share
  • SEO Takes You Ahead of the Competition

More Organic Traffic Than Social Media


Highest ROI of up to 275%


of world traffic comes from Google search, Images, Maps.


Organic traffic clicks on organic results, not paid ads.

What We Offer

SEO Planning

We carry out a comprehensive Keyword Research, Website Audit, Competitors Analysis to build an effective plan for a successful SEO campaign. We set KPIs to measure performance.

Technical SEO

We make your site fast, light and mobile-friendly. We reduce the page load time to 3s or less. Most people leave the site if it does not load within 3s. We make sure your site is crawled and indexed by Google. We submit the sitemap to the search console periodically.

On-page optimization

We Increase website relevancy by inserting LSI keywords throughout the website. We optimize your website structure, meta tags, images and existing content. We create additional content for the target pages to match the word count on top ranking pages.

Off-page optimization

We do not build links, we build authority. We focus on creating link-worthy content that earns links from popular sites naturally, for example, Forbes, Gulf News, Khaleej Times. Buying links or creating links from other sites you own is against the Google Policy. Beware of agencies who promise you links from their own sites.

Reports & Analytics

Measurement is critical to SEO success. Our SEO Experts analyze data using our cutting edge reporting system. Our data analysts help fuel our SEO campaigns with data-driven strategies. We present all data in easy to understand reports for the convenience of our clients.

Blog Posts

We create 10+ blog posts every month using informational, commercial, and transactional keywords. These keywords eventually boost your primary keywords bringing in high-quality traffic with a clear intent to buy your products and services.

Our Results Speak For Themselves
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Local & International SEO
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Local SEO
  • #3 document attestation
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  • #4 certificate equivalency uae
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Why us?

We are not chasing Google. We don’t use any short cuts. We are doing things Google likes and when Google becomes aware of them, they rank you higher. This is the fundamental distinction between us and other agencies. We rank you on Google Maps, Images and the Featured Snippets.

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100% Guaranteed Results

We are a result-oriented SEO agency in Dubai. Our innovative SEO strategies are developed by a highly experienced team of SEO specialists. You will get 100% guaranteed results.

Keywords Targeting Purchase Intent

We capitalize on the Purchase Intent. We will target keywords people are using when they are close to the point of purchase. This will maximize your ROI.

100% Customer Satisfaction

In a competitive market of Dubai, we retain 99% of our clients over 3 years. We provide 100% customer satisfaction by generating ROI of over 200% and 24/7 customer support.

Blog Posts in All SEO Packages

Blogging 9 to 15 times per month brings 5x more traffic and doubles the leads (Hubspot). We give you 10+ monthly blog posts targeting different stages of the customer journey. Our blog posts reach the 1st page of Google in 3 months.


  • SEO client - Dr Dawood


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a series of activities done over a period of time for increasing the quantity and quality of organic traffic from the engaged search engines by continuously optimizing content, images, page speed and authority of a website.

To sum up all, with Smart SEO Dubai solutions, you will get unique, high-quality, engaging and useful content on your website every week. We will also post several well-researched articles across high-authority websites on the internet for off page seo. Each article will contain a link to your site, making your website stronger and more reliable.

You need to start now, to get the desired results in three to six months time. We are the best SEO agency in Dubai that you have been looking for. We will outrank your competitors by pushing your site to the first page of Google.

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Earn AED 200 to AED 10,000 for each SEO referral by joining our Affiliate program.


24/7 Customer Support

Our support team is available on Whatsapp & Skype 24/7. We also create video tutorials for an enhanced customer experience.


FREE Keyword Analysis

FREE keywords of your top 3 competitors. We will send you a list of 500 keywords of profitable keywords to get you started.

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