What do I get?

We will put your business at the top of Google SERPS. You will also get a complete Search Marketing Strategy tested and proven by millions of people worldwide. You will get hordes of real traffic coming to your website.

What does SERP mean?

Search Engine Results Pages

Why would that be something I want?

To Increase your market share of customers actively searching for your products and services on Google.

To generate leads from your website and convert them into lifelong paying customers.

Google Vs. Other Search Engines. Why do we optimize for Google Algorithm?

Google has the largest audience and the market share.

Why shall I choose Search Marketing over Print, Radio, or Bus Wraps?


If your potential customer has a problem. He doesn’t know where to find the solution. He would grab his phone and search for the solution on Google. He would see the search results and click on the top results. He would not turn on the TV, Radio or flip the pages of a magazine or a newspaper.

Why is there a monthly fee for SEO?

SEO Requires a system with variables that are fixed. Since SEO is a process that is always changing and adjusting, staying at the top for a long time can be challenging. Hence, the need for a monthly fee is correct.

What exactly are you doing?

Month 1: Increasing Relevancy

We optimize your URL, Title, Meta Description, Anchor Text and add valuable content for your website. (One Time Fix). We also take Other Onsite Optimization factors e.g. robot.txt and sitemaps.

We not only optimize your website but all of the social profiles for the search engines.

Month 2 Onwards: We don’t build links we build authority

We know how to get an article on a powerful site. Our Highly Optimized Content lends you authority and this is what it takes to move a website from page 3 to page 1. We do things that build value into your company and result of that is you rank higher. We are not chasing Google. We are doing things Google likes and when Google becomes aware of them, they rank you higher. This is the fundamental distinction between us and other agencies.

Other people will do it for cheaper, Why should I go with you?

We will rank your website using the latest techniques, what is working now rather than what was working six months ago. Since we use white hat SEO techniques, our rankings are much more sustainable and long lasting. Therefore, we would cost you less in the long term and turn out to be cheaper than the other agencies. You can save thousands of dollars.

How long am I going to have to pay this monthly?

You do not have to pay us anything after you reach page one. You can enjoy FREE traffic thereafter.

What guarantees do you give?

We guarantee Google traffic flooding to your website. We guarantee page 1 rankings within three to six months depending on your competition and keyword difficulty.

Can you assure me that my company will grow if I am at the top of Google?

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business. Our focus is to rank your website for the right keywords, so your target audience can find you easily. We assure you leads.

Why should I choose you over other agencies?

We have a proven record of page 1 Google rankings and satisfied customers all over the world. We work closely with the top SEO experts in the world to generate real results for our clients.

When should we expect to see results?

Hundreds of leads and increased revenue.

I can’t afford it. Can I work with you after I make some money?

Can you afford to lose more customers? We understand that finances can be a challenge, and we always do our best to work with people in this scenario.

Is this program right for me?

This program is right for you if you are facing any of the following challenges:

  • Tough Competition
  • Competitors on Page 1 of Google get 70% of the patients
  • Slow results with SEO
  • Have been Fooled by SEO Companies

This Program Is Not Right For You, IF…

If you don’t already have a running business with a reasonable number of clients who trust you.

If you are not providing high-quality products and services.

If you cannot wait for 6 months to be on page 1.

If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme.

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