How to Extract Latitude & Longitude From Google Maps in Google Sheets

Are you looking for a functional tool to extract latitude and Longitude from Google Map URL in Google Sheets? I realized there is no such tool that will extract geocodes in bulk without prior knowledge of coding.

Step by Step Guide on how to extract geocodes from Google Maps.

Here are the simple steps to extract geocodes from Google Map URL in Google Sheets.

Step 1 Add all the Google Map URLs in a column. (e.g. Column A)

Step 2 Insert the formula =SPLIT(A1, “@”) in the next column (e.g. Column B)

Step 3 Latitude and Longitude will appear together in Column C.

Step 4 Insert the formula =SPLIT(C1, “,”) in Column D

Step 5 latitude and Longitude will appear separately in Columns D & E

You can hide columns B, C, & F later. As deleting the column will delete the geocodes as well.

If you wish to delete the columns, you can copy the columns D & E and paste special as “Values Only” before deleting the columns B & C that contain our formulae.

This is the easiest way for extracting the geocoordinates. You can download our template file below with all the formulas already inserted. All you have to do is, insert the Google Map URL and the latitude and longitudes will be automatically extracted from the Google Map URLs.

Download the template here

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