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How To Do SEO on WooCommerce Stores in 2021?

SEO for a WooCommerce store starts is the same as for any other type of website. However, it includes a few additional steps to make your SEO campaign a huge success. Here are the 4 main steps involved in doing SEO for a WooCommerce Store in 2021: Keyword Research Competitors Analysis On-page Optimization Off-page Optimization When we look at all the big brands sitting on top of the search engines for the majority of the money keywords, it makes us wonder if SEO would really work for smaller stores with a smaller budget for content. After you are done with

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Keyword Intent Tagging Guide – Informational, Commercial And Transactional

What is keyword intent tagging? Keyword intent is the intention behind each search term. It determines the next action the user is likely to take on the website he visits. Broad search terms indicate the user is in the research phase, while more specific long-tail keywords indicate the user is in the purchase phase. What are the High Intent Keywords? High intent keywords are also said to have high commercial intent. These keywords signify a strong intent on the part of the searcher to conduct a transaction, whether it be to buy something, inquire about a service, or another type

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How to analyze on-page copy quality

30-second summary: Content quality is key to high rankings in Google organic but it is not easy to tell what a search crawler may deem high quality. High-quality content is most surely one that is semantically relevant to a target query and covers the given topic deep enough to satisfy a search user, hence semantic relevancy is probably the most powerful SEO signal. Content structure helps Google and its users to quickly grasp the main points covered on the page. So topical and logical subheadings may be a sign of a good copy. Readability and accessibility may not be direct

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Seven most popular types of blog posts guaranteed to boost SEO traffic

Seven most popular types of blog posts guaranteed to boost traffic

30-second summary: Optimizing your content for search results requires search intent. Understanding search intent will help you generate effective content. Target search intent by examining high ranking search results. How-to and listicles are the most shared blog post ideas. Focusing on key on-page SEO elements drives higher search visibility. When it comes to blog posts, not all content formats are created equal. What’s more, with more than 500 million blogs out there all vying for attention, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out amidst the noise.  For a blog to be successful these days, it takes more than just

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how to take advantage of visual content in seo

How visual content can give a boost to your SEO and how to take advantage

30-second summary: Visual content offers a ton of value for your website. It can boost critical statistics such as time on page. Visuals guide the reader through your content more smoothly. They make your content more consumable and increase sharing. Google loves images that are optimized for search. Read on to learn more about how adding optimized images to your site can boost your search visits from your target audience. See examples of how companies are successfully incorporating visual content into their marketing and websites. It’s no secret that visual content is hot right now (queue the Zoolander references). You

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Thesis and Adobe prove SEO content doesn’t have to be boring to be useful

Thesis and Adobe prove SEO content doesn’t have to be boring to be useful

30-second summary: To make Adobe findable via non-Adobe keywords, Thesis created over 100 helpful, entertaining, professionally informed, SEO-rich articles to draw people closer to the brand. Thesis’ writing director, Tyler Stenson describes a very interesting process of how they worked with Adobe to create valuable, engaging, and unique SEO content. This article serves as a great focal point on how to create helpful, entertaining, professionally informed articles that actually build relations and help people reach their goals.   Adobe is the industry standard for creative software. Most makers know this, but what about the rest of the internet? To make Adobe findable

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How to effectively think of SEO at every stage

Effective SEO Strategy For every stage of Customer Journey

30-second summary: Content marketing and SEO are like a sailboat and its sail, they need each other. We’re in a time where only nine percent of content actually sees organic traffic from search results, and nearly 70% of all clicks go to the first five organic search results. Co-founder and CEO of Influence & Co., Kelsey Raymond shares a five-step guide to help you with an SEO-friendly content creation process that wins in SERPs. Content marketing and SEO are like a sailboat and its sail, they need each other. Just like your sailboat’s not going anywhere fast without a sail, your content isn’t

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Five SEO content types to power and grow your business through 2021

Best SEO content types to grow your business in 2021

30-second summary: The convergence of content and SEO has happened and digital is next.   Brands that produce quality content over quantity using insights to understand intent stand to capture market share from competitors.   Producing search friendly, optimized content out of the gate and aligned with paid media strategy gives marketers the best opportunity to dominate SERP real estate.  In B2B combined search averages 76% of traffic.  Content also provides value beyond SEO and across whole organizations from branding and awareness through to sales, customer service, and product marketing. Jim Yu shares the top five content types that also serve SEO value. The convergence

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Effective SEO copywriting hints to increase your traffic in 2021

Effective SEO Copywriting To Boost Traffic in 2021

This article focuses on how to rank well in search engines through search engine optimization, while also maintaining the quality of your SEO copywriting. If you’ve ever written for the web, you definitely know that search engines play some role in web copy traffic. SEO copywriting can maximize the number of visitors you receive from search engines, simply because visitors are using the keyword phrase of your article to search for content. However, while ranking well on search engines does have its benefits, you can’t ignore your readers either. You still need to provide quality content in your SEO web copy to build trust,

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How to do SEO on SPA on React

To increase crawlability, obtainability, and performance, your single-page app must be: Using server-side rendering or prerendering to provide search crawlers with fully rendered HTML content. Optimized as much as possible for performance, especially on mobile, to decrease perceived latency. Organized with a clear, clean structure for SEO-friendly URLs. Tested regularly with SEO and performance monitoring tools. SPA Developers must use workarounds to overcome SEO issues with various workarounds, for example: isomorphic JavaScript Headless Chrome Preact along with Angular serves fully-rendered pages to the crawler. isomorphic JavaScript, sometimes called “Universal JavaScript”, where a page can be generated on the

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