Set up Google Adwords



Set up Google Adwords

The average business owner ends up with $2 in revenue for every $1 spent.

 Here is how we will set-up Google Adwords:

  • Connect your website with Google Adwords Account
  • Choose a Campaign Type and Name (Example: Search Network)
  • Select Ad Display Location  (Example: an entire country or just a city)
  • Set Your Daily Budget (Start with a low budget)
  • Set-up payment options (Example: Manual Payments, Automatic Payments, Monthly Invoicing)
  • Add Keywords
  • Create an Ad
  • Create Banners
  • Set Up Conversion Tracking
  • Tracking, Adjusting and Conquering Effective Campaigns

  • Google gives the following options:
    1. Webform leads (ex. quote requests)
    2. E-commerce orders (ex. orders from your online shopping cart)
    3. Calls from ads (ex. phone calls from the number displayed on your ads)
    4. Calls from the website (ex. phone calls from the number displayed on your website)
    5. Imports from sales that occur off of the internet

    We set up all the appropriate conversion tracking options before we turn the ads on.  So you can measure the effectiveness of your ads!

Here is what we need from you

  • A Gmail account
  • Your keywords (if available)
  • Your daily Ad budget



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