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High-Quality Backlinks: A Guide on Developing a High-Ranking Link Profile

best High-Quality Backlinks

Succeeding in search engine optimization currently is not as easy as it was before. To justify this, Google constantly employs different intelligent algorithms that filter and penalize potential spam and bad links. This makes finding clean and good links every webmaster’s priority. For sure, you wouldn’t want to risk being de-indexed for having a risky backlink by Google. 

For newbies, though, understanding what a bad link and a good link profile can be daunting. Using case examples, can uploading several directory listings kick your site out of the Google index? Alternatively, does commenting on various forums hurt your Google rankings? Definitely no. 

Well, to understand more about how to build and develop a clean and high-quality link profile, check out the tips below. 

What Does a Good Website Link Profile Have?

According to SEO agencies in Dubai, a performing link profile is one that hosts high-quality backlinks that can possibly improve your rankings in the search engine results page. Such websites should observe for the following three key things:

  1. Type of links used
  2. Range of time or timeline at which the links were added 
  3. Anchor text – words used to anchor hyperlinks

Each of the above components plays an equal role in determining how your link profile SEO in Dubai style=”font-weight: 400;”> performs and can possibly trigger a penalty if done wrong. That said, assessing the quality of your link profile should be based on the three above-mentioned components. 

Assessing the Quality of Your Link Profile

Once you have understood the components that determine the status of your link profile, evaluating link profile of your website becomes easy. Everything comes down to seeking answers for these questions. 

  • The number of links that your website has 
  • The value of the links in your website 

√ Number of Backlinks vs. Number of LRDs

You may find it advantageous having thousands of backlinks on your website. However, their effectiveness hugely relies on the number of linking root domains your website has. For instance, you can have thousands of backlinks drawn from a few domains. This, despite being some form of manipulation, may not earn you the number one spot on SERP. Therefore, broaden your research to various metrics and correlate them to one another. 

√ Distribution of Backlinks by Authority

Secondly, you should check on the value of the backlinks to your website. In most natural link profiles, people add more links from domains with medium and low authority compared to those from high authority websites. This might not bring much difference. It is prudent to have a proportional backlinks distribution. 

Note that a profile with a significant number of low authority links will not only appear as of poor quality but will also increase the risk of attracting a punishment. 

√ Distribution of Anchor Text

Understanding the importance of anchor text is overly beneficial. This phrase helps Google understand the topic of your coverage. That said, apart from the number of branded backlinks on your website, you should also monitor how these metrics relate. 

For instance, whereas you can take the number of exact backlinks as any other value, you should also look at the ratio between branded links and exact match backlinks. This gives you a reliable indicator as to if your link profile is optimized or not. Also on this, you should ensure that your backlinks are related to the subject on your page, and not just optimizing the anchor text alone. 

Tips to Steady Your Link Profile

Following the above assessment, are you satisfied with how optimized your backlink profile is or not? Well, if you aren’t, check out the following tips to steady and improve your link profile according to top SEO companies in Dubai

1. Start with the best 

As you start out building links to your website, most people get tempted to start with easy links hoping to advance as their website grows. However, this isn’t a good idea at all. The only result is a pile-up of poor performing backlinks that won’t boost the website’s rankings whatsoever. 

Bearing this in mind, it is wise to opt for quality rather than quantity. There are several ways to get quality backlinks for your website. You can also find out the various ways of getting free backlinks from various high performing sites. 

2. Patience 

Aggressive link building is probably the worst thing any webmaster can think of doing. Accumulating hundreds of links in a short period may subject your website to spam reports due to unnatural linking behavior. This flags it a suspicious activity, and Google automatically penalizes it. Therefore, the best and sure way of building links is doing it gradually and consistently for a long period. 

3. Avoid Disproportions 

The risks associated with disproportions have been mentioned before. Well, during link building, it is common to find oneself focusing on one method, often forgetting other link building techniques. Also, as mentioned in the first tip, it is important to work with the best links. However much this is true, make sure that you balance your links. Overdoing it may result in unnatural website link profile that increases the risks of being flagged as manipulation. 

Take-Home Point

Initially, aggressive link building was seen as a quick and sure way of topping the search engine results page. However, its time has lapsed, with Google introducing new and effective ranking techniques. Frequent changes in ranking factors are what makes webmasters and growing SEO experts unable to predict future definitively. 

The consequences of vigorous techniques from Google are dire. This is why you shouldn’t gamble when building your link profile. If you want to succeed with SEO in the UAE, it is prudent to employ the services of experts for assured success. 

Our experts bring forth a mishmash of proven link building techniques coupled with moderation, instead of taking the large-scale approach. Contact us today for all your SEO needs.

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