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Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing is an online marketing technique that involves incorporation of video content into the overall marketing strategy. Video marketing is considered as one of the best digital marketing techniques used by successful internet marketers all over the world. Video content yields impressive results in terms of web traffic generation and the conversion rate. Video marketing always turns out to be more successful, since it gains more attention from people; as well as the search engines, especially Google. Google uses Video contents as one of the major ranking signals when returning web pages on the search engine results page (SERP). With an increasing shift in attention to product related video contents by both search engines and the human viewers; all business owners whether small, medium, or large need to invest in extensive high-quality video content marketing for the following reasons. Here are 8 major reasons why you need to leverage the power of video marketing for highly targeted leads.

1. Target High Mobile Traffic

With the increasing use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets when searching for product-related information via the internet; Cisco networking company is expecting a significant increase in video consumer internet traffic to 67% in the next two years. Consequently, as a business owner, you need to leverage the power of video marketing to help in generating a targeted consumer mobile traffic that is currently taking the internet by storm and is expected to grow higher in the next two years from now. The best way to achieve this is by producing detailed product related videos and posting on an online video marketing channel like YouTube, where the search engines will find it easily and present it before potential customers. YouTube offers one of the best video marketing platforms, and according to Comscore, an average YouTube visitor takes 383.3 minutes a month watching marketing videos.

2. The Largest Consumer Base

Among all digital marketing techniques, video marketing is boasting of the largest online consumer base globally: According Econsultancy, one of the best digital marketing companies, 55% of all the internet users watch videos with product related contents, and more than half of the users watching these videos click through to the related websites to find more information about the featured product. This is the biggest opportunity for small business owners facing stiff competition to increase their brand audience, and as a result, increase targeted website traffic that is necessary for a high conversion rate.

3. Great Recall

Video ads are known to stick in our memory for a long time after we watch them. According to, 80% of internet users recall having watched a video related to a given product on a given website even after 30 days, and they may decide to come back for more information or refer friends to that website. Moreover, 48% of the internet users take required action after watching a video that is related to a product they need. Consequently, you can use a high-quality video with in-depth information regarding a particular product, and post it on your website’s landing pages so that your visitors can watch your content in form of a video presentation for more actions and quick remembrance when out of your website.

4. Shareable Content

Sharing of contents through mobile devices, especially video contents, has become a very common thing among the internet users particularly on social media. According to Invodo, 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others on their social media network sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. This is a great opportunity for increasing brand audience, which all business whether small or large can use to get more traffic that will guarantee a higher conversion rate in terms of sales. You can easily make your brand go viral by creating high-quality videos that are related to your brand and posting them on all major social media platforms where they will be shared out easily.

5. Great Search Ranking

A product related video content is one of the major organic search engine optimization (SEO) technique used by internet marketers, who expect impressive results in the SERPs of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing among others. According to Econsultancy, video contents receive 41% click-through rate than plain-text contents in the SERP. This is because search engines of today work basically to improve user-experience, which is effectively achieved by video contents. Ideally, search engine crawlers are designed to improve user-experience, and they tend to list relevant video contents at the top of the SERPs for a more user-friendly search.

6. Great Engagement

There is nothing very important in sales as customer engagement: Businesses that get high engagement levels from new customers tend to have an increased sales level. According to Comscore, website visitors stay at least 2 minutes on a web page that has video content related to the information they need, which is enough to convince a customer to make a purchase if the video is promoting sales. As such, it is highly advisable to include videos with call-to-actions on your landing pages that briefly explain important features of your product to engage your site’s visitors more.

7. High Conversion Rates When Used With Email

Email marketing is considered the most targeted online marketing techniques since you use it to capture the attention of existing customers or subscribers who know about you, your business, and brand. According to Forrester and Experian, email marketing tends to get an increased click-through rates of about two times more when accompanied by video contents, than when only plain text is used. This offers you an impressive opportunity as a business owner, to leverage the power of customer engagement that video content comes with so that you can significantly increase your click-through rate, which directly impacts the conversion rate of a website in terms of sales.

8. Great Link Tools

Do you need more inward links to increase your ranking in the SERP for more traffic? Look no further: According to SEOMoz, one of the best names that come in mind when SEO is mentioned, posts that include video contents attract 3 times more inward links that posts without any video. You can leverage video marketing as one of the best search engine optimization techniques, which will definitely give you more inward links that are necessary for your web pages to secure top positions in the SERP of Google and other top search engines.
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