Sales Funnel Copywriter

Text: Partner us in designing a digital sales funnel that will take leads from Facebook and convert them to online sales.

The sales funnel will need to:

  • Educate prospects about why they need our solution
  • Educate and build trust in the ability of our solution to deliver them results
  • Consider all levers to optimise sales volumes and lower cost of sale (digital content like e-books, email, e-survey, video, webinar, podcast, telemarketing etc.)
  • Address and resolve barriers to purchasing
  • Keep them engaged
  • Win their trust
  • Be designed to maximise opportunities for automation

We have great products and tons of sales. We’re hoping you can help us multiply this success using effective sales funnels. Are you up for the challenge?


  • We’re looking for someone who can create effective sales funnels from end to end;
  • Creating and managing the ads, the targeting, the landing pages, whatever is required;
  • We are inclined to start with a Facebook marketing funnel but we’re open to alternate suggestions as well;
  • Create a proposal that lists what tools you need (and their respective costs), what benchmarks you use, a reasonable timeline for success, your fees and your required ad spend to meet those goals;
  • Provide weekly reports, communicating clearly and consistently


  • Expertise in marketing is a must, especially with Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook ads;
  • Excellent English skills: writing, grammar, spelling and formatting;
  • Proven ability to take the initiative and see complex projects through to completion with minimal direction;
  • Motivated and results-driven personality.
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