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Easy And FREE Ways To Do Social Media Audit

Easy & FREE Ways To Do A Social Media Audit

How to do a  Social Media Audit?

If you are a business owner who wants to measure the success of your social media campaigns, set KPI’s and measure the outcomes. Then, I strongly suggest you carry out a social media audit prior and after starting a digital marketing campaign.

Before I dig deep into why we recommend a social media audit, I would like to explain what a social media audit is and what are the factors you need to consider when carrying out a social media audit.

Why do we need to conduct a social media Audit?

  • To identify your current practices
  • To identify your competition & their current practices
  • To establish goals in your social media
  • To Develop a strategy to achieve your goals
  • To Analyze the results of your social media campaign after 6 months
  • To Take corrective actions if required

Where to start from?

  • Identify your strengths
  • Identify the platforms you are on
  • Which platform has been the most effective for you?
  • What platforms are you utilizing that your competitors are?
Creating & Achieving Goals?
  • Where are you now?
  • Where you want to go?
  • How long should it take you to get there?
  • What will it take you to get there?
  • How will you get there?
    • Brand Building
    • Market Penetration
    • Product Showcase
    • Increasing Social Engagement/Nurturing Your Community
    • Responding to negative issues & questions in real-time
    • Market Research


There are many social media KPIs but you need to focus on those that generate revenue for you overtime. Therefore, we focus on monitoring KPI’s that increase engagement, reach, leads and customers.

  • Followers

    Shows how many people got to see your post and wanted to continue seeing more posts from your page.

  • Likes

    Shows your popularity and attracts more people to like your posts and page.

  • Shares

Prove that you are able to connect with the users.

  • Comments

Indicate that you have interesting content.

  • Clicks

    Speak about the quality of your post title and Image/video used. If people don’t like or share your post after clicking that means the content on the landing page was not good enough. If you got a lot of engagement but a low number of clicks, that means you need to change your post title/images.

Check if they are rising or are stagnant.

Integrating Social Media Into Your Overall System

  • What systems are in place to respond to negative comments?
  • Check if they are monitored.
  • Check if someone is responding to such customer complaints or not.
  • Are they trained in responding to those comments
  • How to channel negative comments to the concerned department.

Recommendation from users can be communicated to the research & development team and such recommendations can be very useful in improving your product features.


Facebook Audit

  • Monitor your the number of followers/likes/shares/comments
  • What are the trends?
  • Which type of posts get the most likes, shares, comments?
  • How many new likes this month/last month/last year?
  • Is there a link from your company website to your Facebook page?
  •  Here is a useful Analytical Tool: (Facebook)
    o   Check if there is a Map, Time, Services etc have been added to your page.
    o   Facebook audit takes the longest time.

Twitter Audit

  • Are you posting regularly?
  • Are you responding to page tags, likes, and retweets?
  • How many followers?
  • How many retweets?
  • Do you reply within 24 Hours?
  • Does your biography have useful information and a useful link?
  • What types of tweets are common
    • Sharing useful information
    • Questions & Answers (Q&As)
    • Self-promotional (your followers will not stick around)

LinkedIn Audit

  • #of followers
  • Are the members of the management on LinkedIn?
  • How many followers they have?
  • How many testimonials they have?
  • Are they active on LinkedIn?
  • Are they members of other groups on LinkedIn?

YouTube Audit

  • Do you have a YouTube channel?
  • Do you post videos regularly?
  • Do videos solve problems/self-promotional in content?
  • How many Views?
  • Which type of videos get the highest number of Likes?

Instagram Audit

  • Name is relevant
  • Pictures are good
  • Decent number of Followers
  • Add a relevant description
  • Add contact number and website link in the description
  • Reply to comments
  • Post at least twice a day
  • Use more videos
  • Instagram stories

Hopefully, this article would help you measure the success of your social media campaign and asceratain the return on investment in social media marketing.

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