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Facebook Messenger Marketing With Chatbots For Restaurants

According to CBRE, the international real estate consultancy, the UAE has the highest number of food and beverage outlets, per capita, in the world. The competition is tough. Restaurants need to find new ways to engage with their customers on social media.

Restaurants must know what makes the customers try a new restaurant.

  • Word of mouth from friends & relatives – 40%
  • Online rating & reviews of restaurants – Just under half of the respondents look for online reviews
  • Known brands from home & abroad
  • Deals & Promotions
  • Advertising
  • Reviews by food critics in magazines & newspapers

We can achieve all of the above on the most popular platform, Facebook with 1.3 billion users in the world and 4.5 Million users in Dubai alone. UAE has the highest penetration rate for Facebook in the Gulf region. Facebook has become the top ad channel for restaurants. With new features coming out every year, we cannot stick to the same old tactics that worked two years ago.

We need to update our Social Media Marketing Strategy to take advantage of the latest features & tools. I recommend using Facebook Live, Facebook Videos, and Facebook messenger to stand out from the crowd.

Restaurants can effectively utilize Facebook Messenger using two methods:

1. Facebook messenger Ads


    1. Problem 1: Facebook Messenger Ads are only shown to people who have messaged your page before.
      1. Solution: You can run an Ad in the newsfeed asking people to message your page to get a coupon code or a discount voucher. You must offer something valuable to motivate people to message your page.
    2. Problem 2: Too many inquiries might be difficult to handle. If the inquiries are not attended to then the entire marketing campaign can backfire.
      1. Solution: Facebook Chat Bots can solve this problem and take the orders, track orders, reserve seats etc without any human involvement.
    3. Problem 3: Orders must be processed manually.
      1. Solution: A team member should be assigned to take the order details and arrange for the delivery.

2. Chatbots

High Open Rate

There are 2.5 trillion posts on Facebook, it is almost impossible that people would find your posts on Facebook unless you pay Facebook to reach as many people as you want.

Even if you reach the desired number of people, the chances that they would notice your post in the news feed is low. Messenger has an open rate of 98%, leading to higher engagement and higher conversions.


The key to success on social media is to deliver highly relevant content to the target audience. With facebook Messenger chatbot, you can send personalized messages to people who have interacted with your page before.

Send Automated Messages With Chatbots

Order Taking

You can now send automated personalized messages with chatbots. No need to hire a customer service agent to take the order. The chatbot can take the order and send the notification through email/fax.

Send Promotions

Restaurants can send promotions, discounts, gift vouchers through Facebook Messenger with a single click.

Cheaper Alternative to SMS Marketing

Restaurants with a low marketing budget, can now use facebook Messenger Chat Bot/Facebook Messenger Ads to broadcast messages.

24/7 Bilingual Customer Service

Facebook Chat Bots can also work as a customer service agent answering frequently asked questions.


You can continue to engage with your customers even after they have left your restaurant. The chatbot can send them recommendations based on their previous order.

Social Media Manager

The chatbot can work as a social media manager for your facebook page. Asking, the customers to follow your page, leave a review, watch a video, like & share posts on your wall.

Although, we don’t want to send too many messages. The content we send must be highly targeted and valuable.

Restaurants must take advantage of the chatbots before everyone else starts using it and messenger marketing also loses its charm.


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