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How Cleveland Clinic got 570K Social Media Followers & 545% ROI With Content Marketing

How Cleveland Clinic got 570K Social Media Followers & 545% ROI With Content Marketing

The Root of Human Connection in Healthcare Marketing & Communications Is Empathy.

(Patient Experience Summit 2021)

Cleveland Clinic is a perfect example of using empathy to connect to patients on the internet. They understood the emerging health issues in the society and created content around the same. The result was phenomenal Cleveland. Let’s look at some of their key activities on the internet.

How Cleveland Clinic got 570K Social Media Followers & 545% ROI With Content Marketing 1 SEO Dubai

Website Traffic (

Monthly traffic: 245,131 Visitors

We cannot deny the importance of search marketing for hospitals and clinics. Search drives the most traffic to Cleveland Clinics as well. 84% of the search traffic is organic. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has paid off for cleveland.

How Cleveland Clinic got 570K Social Media Followers & 545% ROI With Content Marketing 2 SEO Dubai

Traffic from Social Media

Facebook share of traffic is the highest at 67% of the overall traffic coming from social media sites. Traffic from LinkedIn is a great platform for targeting people over 35. Most professionals, business owners, and CEOs are active on LinkedIn. They are in the age where heart problems are common and other diseases that need long-term treatments are diagnosed. Such patients also have a longer lifetime value. Traffic from LinkedIn often includes people applying for jobs. Cleveland Clinic has 570K followers across different social media platforms which is commendable.

How Cleveland Clinic got 570K Social Media Followers & 545% ROI With Content Marketing 3 SEO Dubai


Content Marketing Strategy

High Engagement Level

People spend more time on the website as they are engaged with valuable information. People spend more time on the website and view 3 pages on an average per visit. This is the most time spent on a clinic website by people when compared to other clinics in UAE.  The high engagement level on the website has resulted in a significantly low bounce rate.

Other information and site features contributing to the high level of engagement are highlighted below:

  • Find A Doctor
  • Book an Appointment
  • Information about health insurance partners
  • Engaging videos
  • News & Events

How Cleveland Clinic got 570K Social Media Followers & 545% ROI With Content Marketing 4 SEO Dubai

YouTube Videos

The clinic has uploaded about 109 videos on YouTube and has about 3463 subscribers as of October 2021.

How Cleveland Clinic got 570K Social Media Followers & 545% ROI With Content Marketing 5 SEO Dubai

Conversion on Website

Amplifying the website conversion rate by even 1% to 2% can skyrocket your sales. Conversion normally happens on the website when:

  1. Patients book an online appointment
  2. Call the clinic

Website Design

The website design and the user experience significantly affects the conversion rate. The easier it is to find information on the website, the higher the conversion is.

The website design should be developed with the user behavior flow in mind. For example, UAE residents looking for clinics online are interested in the insurance providers covered by clinics. It is vital to have such information available on the website.

Call To Action (CTA)

A call to action is a piece of content that urges the users to take an action. We need to have a suitable “Call to Action” placed on each page. For example, the home page should have “find a doctor” search box, or “find your insurance provider”. On the Doctor’s page, we should have “Book An Appointment” Form. Adding too many CTAs on a website can create a fatigue and the user may leave the website without taking any action.

Cleveland has the phone number in the header on the website as well as the request an appointment button. They have strategically placed “Find a doctor” box on the homepage and “Book An Appointment” option on the doctor’s page. This shows an understanding of the patient’s behavior flow on the website. Although, there are too many CTAs on the website.


How Cleveland Clinic got 570K Social Media Followers & 545% ROI With Content Marketing 6 SEO Dubai

Blog on Website

The website also has a health blog focusing on heart/vascular diseases and Diet/Nutrition. According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), up to 50% of people dying from cardiovascular diseases in some Gulf countries die before the age of 60 due to poor diet, and lack of exercise. Therefore, It is a good idea to provide valuable information about heart & vascular diseases as well as some useful tips about healthy diet & nutrition.

Blog: Health Essentials  (since 2012)

The blog was started as an experiment in 2012 but took a life of its own.

  • The blog gets about 3.2M visitors per month.
  • They post 3 to 5 times a day.


The purpose of the blog is to helps people around the world not just their patients.

Key contributors to the success of Blog:

  • Post Relevancy

The key strategy is to deliver relevant information every day. People think about their health throughout the day. They have to decide what to eat when to work out, what to feed their children, and how to spend their free time improving their health. Cleveland assists people in making important decisions by offering tips and advice. Since the information directly comes from doctors & nutritionists the result is outstanding. There are two types of posts:

  1. clinical conditions & treating people when they’re sick
  2. preventative medicine.
  • Post Timing

The blog sends out invaluable information at the right time. In the morning, the post is about breakfast foods or morning workout. At night, it’s about sleeping disorders, insomnia or midnight snacks. Posting at the right time makes posts not just relevant but extremely relevant.

It is not easy to create content every day. Therefore the posts are revised, reworked, mixed with new information and posted again.

  • Writers

At Health Essentials there are about 40 expert bloggers including physicians & dieticians who write 1 post a month. Manager of Digital Engagement Amanda Todorovich says such an involvement was only possible by sharing results and analytics of their posts.

When the writers realize their contribution results in high engagement, reach and conversions they get motivated to continue writing. Amanda Todorovich says “We’ve got doctors and experts who are coming to us asking, “How can I get on Health Hub?”

  • Customer-Centric Approach

“We need to think about content from our patients’ perspective, we do not talk about how great we are, the award we have won and so on.” Through the blog, Cleveland Clinic has been able to build patient’s trust, increase Patient Lifetime Value and increase the number of returning patients.


A good Content Marketing strategy can help hospitals and clinics can get 570K Social Media Followers & 545% ROI. The techniques are simple and straightforward. Deliver highly relevant content when it is required. Content must be written and reviewed by healthcare professionals with the prime objective of promoting a healthy lifestyle. The content can be disseminated in the form of text and videos both. If you do not yet have a content marketing strategy to promote your healthcare services. You must start as soon as possible to increase the footfall to your clinic and ensure your organization’s long-term sustainability.

By Kanwal Shahzad

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