Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At Smart Digital Marketing, we take a whole new approach towards SEO. We are the pioneers of Smart SEO. We help our clients generate link worthy content attracting the attention of their target audience, newspapers and magazines by contributing to the well-being of the society with their products & services. We make your voice heard in the noisy world of the internet with creative content & innovative search campaigns.

What Will You Get?

  • 30+ Keywords researched and actively focused on each day
  • Website audit report and regular comparisons
  • Fix onsite issues
    • Improve website speed,
    • mobile compatibility,
    • canonical issues throughout each page
  • Configuration of Google Search Console and Analytics accounts.
  • Complete rewrite of meta tags
  • Develop a backlink strategy as follows:
    • Niche-Specific Article Writing and Publishing: 6
    • High Authority Article Marketing Backlinks: 3
    • Complete second tier strategy
  • 25-30 Hours per month
  • Complete monthly report on all the above work including backlinks and articles written
  • Real-time reporting dashboard to monitor progress
  • Daily keyword rank tracking
  • Regular communication on progress and goal achievements.

Why us?

  • We gain an understanding of the business vision, mission, values and goals prior to starting any campaign.
  • We generate link worthy content based on the identified values.
  • We promote values through meaningful content on the website.
  • We attract high quality Google traffic with common goals & values.
  • We increase brand affinity to make customers feel passionate about the brands.
  • We give access to 24/7 Friendly and knowledgeable support staff
  • We create safe high authority links
  • We guarantee absolute transparency
  • We do not charge any setup fee
  • We offer value added services
  • We Real-time statistics, no need to wait for a monthly report

How does it work?

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Onsite Optimization
  • Offsite Optimization
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Keyword Analysis

Every SEO campaign needs a well researched set of keywords. We follow a strong keyword research strategy to maximize the ROI and yours would be no exception!

This process involves acquiring your selected of keywords that you want to rank for. Due to our in depth technical knowledge and extensive research we are able to produce a list of most profitable keywords which are bound to generate profound results for our clients.

We generate a list of keywords, each with:

  • Google search volume,
  • competition/difficulty level
  • Time required to reach the 1st page of Google,
  • Base Rank
  • The conversion opportunities

Keyword selection can really make or break an SEO campaign, and it is very important that we are working on keywords that will have the biggest impact on the revenue.

We ensure that we are not only working with keywords provided by our clients, but also all keywords that will maximize the Return on Investment (ROI). We select keywords with strong search volume, a mix of low to high competition level, we also consider the intention behind every search query to attract relevant visitors that convert well.

Tell us what you want you want to get ranked for. This will set the foundation for further research by ou team of SEO Experts. Our keyword Analysis involves the following steps:

  • Identifying Seed Keywords
  • Blowing Seed Keywords
  • Removing Duplicates and Consolidation
  • Weeding out Junk Keywords
  • Tagging Generic Keywords
  • Selecting Intent Driven Keywords
  • Applying Filters
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Meta Tags Rewriting

  • The meta tags relate to the page title and page description which is given to the search engines to form your clickable search result.
  • These tags need to contain primary keywords, be highly focused to each specific page, free from any duplications, and the optimum character length.
  • Meta tags act as a mini-advertisement to each of your pages in Google, we need these to be well-written and free from any errors. They MUST attract higher click-through rates that your competitors can’t.
  • I propose we complete a full meta tag rewrite for the site, based on your targeted keywords. This will help Google see each page as being far more relevant for your keywords than they currently are.

Google Search Console

We will be requesting access to the Google Search Console for if you decided to start an SEO campaign with us, or we will create an account if there is none existing.

The Search Console will give us access to some critical tools to gain more insight on how Google sees your website, such as

  • Indexed Pages
  • crawl rates,
  • Index history,
  • sitemap stats.
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Backlink Strategy

Building backlinks is required to build your authority and significantly move your rankings Off-site SEO work relates to the authority building requirements of a campaign such as backlinks, social media activity, citations, and content marketing.

This component of the campaign is the most in-depth and time-consuming part, and often the most confusing too!

To break it down, Google puts a LOT of emphasis on a websites backlinks. We will need to implement a consistent backlink strategy to continue to build on this with high quality links that significantly help your Google rankings.

The actual number of backlinks is only one consideration, the important factor is where those backlinks are from. Quality is much more important than quantity. Some of your backlinks might be considered toxic or spammy, which can bring down your Google results, while other might be very high authority and helping to increase your own sites authority.

It is important that we are building backlinks that have a higher DA score than 30 to continue to increase your score, this will in-turn help your keyword rankings in all major search engines.

To recap; the more high-quality links your website gets, the more it will grow, and the better it will rank for the chosen keywords

What Backlinks Do We Create?

The following backlinks are included on a monthly basis and will inject an unmatched level of quality and authority into your backlink portfolio. This will help to significantly boost your Google exposure for your chosen keywords.

Niche-Specific Article Writing and Publishing:

We will be writing 6 new articles every month that are niche-related and specifically targeted to your keyword groups.

Each article will be written from scratch by our in-house writing team. They will each be around 800 words in length and written for real people (not low quality SEO content that you will find elsewhere).

Each article will be published live to a relevant high-traffic website, with relevant anchor-text backlink that links through to your web pages with keywords.

High Authority Article Marketing Backlinks:

3 Backlinks per month In an effort to continually improve your website authority in Google, we will be publishing 3 of the articles to places with especially high authority scores.

These backlinks are “dofollow” which means that all this authority will be passed through to your website, significantly helping your Google rankings exposure and potential.

Second-Tier Backlink Strategy

Backlinks are the life-blood of any SEO campaign. Therefore, our second-tier strategy is so important.

As the backlinks in this strategy are not pointed directly to your site, but the first tier of backlinks, we can afford to be slightly more aggressive in our strategy.

This strategy includes more content links, social media posting, directory links, citations, and other outreach strategies that enhance the effectiveness of the content links mentioned above.

As well as strengthening your existing backlinks this strategy is going to help the whole process work much faster and we will see some fast results.

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Our Reporting

We are serious about providing transparency for our service.

Email Reporting

We provide daily milestone reporting – no more waiting all month for a report to see how your keywords are performing. Get notified instantly for any major breakthroughs.

We also provide weekly keyword ranking updates to provide an overview of what has happened over the week and how it compares to the previous month.

Live Reporting

We provide our clients with direct login access into their own cloud based workbook which gives live updates into what work is being carried out on their SEO campaign at their convenience.

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