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How Apollo Hospital Generated over 3000 Leads

Apollo Hospital Generated 3000+ Leads With WhatsApp Marketing


Apollo Hospitals started a monthly WhatsApp Messenger Marketing campaign in 2015.

Geographic Reach

Apollo organized location based WhatsApp chats to connect with people located in India as well as Overseas.


People were given the opportunity to discuss health issues with a specialist.

Goal of WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

To increase the number of inquiries.

Event-Based Campaign

Campaign 1: On Women’s Day Apollo carried out a campaign for women where they could reach out to gynecologists on WhatsApp. The campaign generated 1200+ leads. Similar location-specific group chats were organized on World Health Day which yielded ~1500 leads for Apollo Sugar Clinics.

Result: 1200+ leads.

Campaign 2: On World Health Day

Result: Approx. 1500 leads for Apollo Sugar Clinics.


Facebook Ad

People were reached through Facebook ads. They were encouraged to register for the WhatsApp chats with a specialist.

Twitter Contest

Twitter contest with appropriate hashtags was run informing people about the WhatsApp chat. The hashtags trended across India.

The doctors responded to patient queries live. The participation from patients was incredible.


Hospitals and Clinics have understood the importance of delivering personalized information to people through messenger marketing. The results speak of the effectiveness of the channel. You must make use of messenger marketing before it’s too late. Now is the perfect time to start since the competition is low and the level of engagement on the messenger is the next level of digital marketing.

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