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The Ultimate Guide to Content Link Building

Improving Your Link Building Strategy With Quality Content – The Secret To SEO Success

Content marketing has become one of the most common branding and advertising methods for the last two decades. According to The Institute Of Content Marketing, over 80% of all B2 grade businesses now use content marketing to drive their products or services forward. And who could blame them? A study published by TechnologyReview has found that the average adult is capable of spending up to 4 hours online every day. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every business and website owner to tap into this market by creating engaging content for their page’s visitors to share. 

The SEO relevance of quality content lies in its ability to increase your traffic through link building. Effective link building strategies will enable you to build your site’s authority by drawing out visitors through different pages and platforms. They will also improve your ranking based on the quality of your backlinks. 

Not sure where all this leaves you? No need to worry. Experts in SEO in Dubai have made the most crucial tips now available to all. The following guide will take you through the ins and outs of building quality content to create strong links. 

Quality Content: What It Is & Why You Need It

The phrase “quality content” is often used to depict detailed, informative website material relating to specific products and services. Though content was once regarded as a “filler” feature of websites, SEO companies in Dubai style=”font-weight: 400;”> have found that this material is the most shared in various sectors of the internet. 

Generally, quality content has the following traits:

  • 1000+ words
  • Detailed and accurate information
  • An engaging tone
  • Good grammar & punctuation
  • Reliable sources

By building quality content, you can ensure that your page’s visitors find stimulating or fulfilling information on your page. This is likely to lead to some shares, either on their own websites, social media pages and through private communication. Essentially, this tactic saves businesses a lot of money on link building, because it motivates visitors to build these links themselves. 

Furthermore, quality content often involves the opportunity to mention relevant resources. These links should be to: 

  1. Other pages of your site
  2. Authoritative sources in your field 
  3. The pages of peers you have mutual backlinking agreements with

The links to the other pages of your site (preferably to relevant articles) will decrease your bounce rate and improve the ranking of the linked articles. The authoritative source linking will assert the credibility of your article, which will lead to a higher Google ranking. The backlinking to affiliate websites is a networking-based SEO tactic which will help you earn some backlinks of your own as the sites “return the favor.” 

How To Create Quality Content

The more an audience can engage with, learn from, and remember your content, the higher its quality. According to a mass-scale Backlinko study, content longer than 3000 words will garner on average 77% more referral links than content under 1000 words. This is because, according to experts in SEO in the UAE, people associate longer posts to reliable and researched guides, reviews, and testimonials. Admittedly, the longer your posts, the more comprehensively you will be able to illustrate your points and the more information you will be able to cite. 

The structure of quality content also needs to involve careful paragraphing and subtitle use. This is because the more organized your content is, the more small breaks readers can take to internalize the consulted information. 

As far as the topics of your content, remaining consistent with your branding is critical. However, so is remaining “interesting.” According to SEO expert and Backlinko creator Brian Dean, finding “link-worthy content” is the first step of creating quality content. Professionals in SEO in Dubai style=”font-weight: 400;”> believe that another vital aspect of quality content is how creative and unusual it is. While it is almost impossible to create entirely unique, popular content from scratch, you can find less common, more memorable articles to inspire yourself from. 

Before you start writing your content, you will want to make sure the posts you have planned tick the following boxes: 

  • A strong, researched foundation
  • Direct relevance to your audience’s interests
  • Impeccable grammar and syntax
  • Infographics and videos (where applicable)
  • Keeps up with the latest developments in your industry

When you start writing, you need to use an article similar to your intended post, ranking in the top 10 results, as inspiration. Take note of the article’s tone, length, and cited information. Emulate this structure and language in your own words, relating them to your own brand. 

Using Your Quality Content For Link Building

Quality content loses half its value when it does not entail links to your platform. Furthermore, if it does not have information that can be cited and linked back to your page, your backlinking is probably suffering. You will need to ensure you use your content to build more links to other content on your site. Consider your every blog post an opportunity to backlink to your prior posts. The content you will create for other sites to post will also create backlinks to your site. However, the most valuable backlinks will be those from authoritative sites, who are only likely to pick up your material if it is reliable and memorable. 

You will want to insert your links in your content seamlessly, to maintain the fluidity of your text. Ideally, you would combine your important keywords with these links, using them as anchor text to draw in the reader. 

Additional tips for link-building: 

  • Incorporate links to your articles as “background information” in the introductions of your content. 
  • Place your link between links to authoritative sources
  • Use the captions of your content’s display images as links to your pages
  • Make your anchor text relevant to the link 
  • Abstain from excessive information about your link’s content (to motivate the reader to click on the link to find out more)

A Concluding Note

To have a solid link building strategy, you will need quality material to link to, and reliable material to link with. This is no small feat; you must be willing to invest time in researching and editing your content, as well as selecting appropriate links to use in your text. This is often a challenging task, even for the most SEO-savy business owners. Therefore, it may be wise to seek the services of the best SEO agency in Dubai to handle all your content creation and link building needs. Place your website in the right hands by contacting us today for competitive rates on one of the UAE’s best digital marketing services.

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