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The Link Building No-Go Zone: 7 SEO Mistakes You Cannot Afford To Make

Search Engine Optimization is far from an exact science. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can speed up your optimization process. Similarly, there are huge link-building no-nos that are guaranteed to have adverse effects on your ranking. As an expert in SEO in The UAE, you will need to avoid these common mistakes. Should your SEO level be more on the beginner side, consider hiring assistants from one of the top SEO agencies in Dubai

It is likely you will have been guilty of at least one of the mistakes listed below at some point in your SEO life. However, you need not despair. This article will provide you with insightful tips from experts in SEO in Dubai to rectify these frequent errors. 

Knowing What To Do

Before we dig into the red zones of SEO, let us consider what must be done.SEO tactics like quality backlinking and unique content creation have proven their efficacy at pulling websites up the Google rankings. Therefore, you should keep employing SEO methods which cast your site as an authoritative source of information. All SEO experts should remember that ranking high is about reliability and convincingness. To cast your site as a strong, popular content base, you will need to frequently produce engaging material. You will also need your links to be “packaged” insightfully. This means a relevant URL, attractive anchor text and peers to publish your links. 

Link building is worth the effort and investment. However, if you’re using one of the tactics listed below, you may be wasting both. 

  1. Spun Content

The best way to make a link attractive is by guaranteeing the quality of the content it takes you to. The less unique your content, the lower Google will rank it. While you may inspire yourself from existing content to write, you will want to maintain a level of creativity and originality in your writing. Use a friendly tone to convey your ideas for maximum reader engagement. 

If you need to verify the originality of your content, use platforms like Turnitin to check for plagiarism. Only unique work should be posted on your page. 

  1. Weak Titling

What you name an article or blog post will heavily influence Your visitors’ level of interest. Typically, optimized posts have long titles with varied fluctuation. If your titles do not tell a story or capture the interest of the reader, your links will just lead to a bounce. You need to avoid a high bounce rate at all costs. Therefore, you must ensure your posts are titled with creativity and inspiration. Content creators are advised to speak directly to their audience in their titles. By using phrases like “….that you need to know about” or “…that you will not believe” you engage readers faster than with the use of a boring title. 

  1. Poor URLs

Random URL-ing of your posts weakens your link building. Many web surfers frequently check the URL of a link, to verify its trustworthiness, before visiting the target page. The more messy a link, the less organized your site will seem. Instead, you want to use URLs reflective of the content of the page. The meta title of your SEO posts should be included in the URL to encourage further sharing of your link. However, you must remember that the entire title is not likely to fit in the URL. Therefore, the quality of your URLs is likely to depend on your chosen titles. 

  1. Bad Anchor Text

One common SEO mistake is to build links that either don’t include an industry’s strongest keywords or which use them evidently. To link build efficiently, you need to understand a little about Google’s ranking process. The more authentic the link to a post seems in relation to a keyword, the higher the linked page will rank on Google. Therefore, when your site is backlinked with non-convincing context, Google is likely to mark you down for using “shady SEO”. To avoid being penalised, you will need to anchor your links with text relevant to your target page, preferably with the inclusion of a strong key word.

To understand this concept better, consider the following example. 

Sarah owns an ice cream store. The most popular keyword pertaining to her industry is “Vegan ice-cream”. In order to link build effectively, the backlinks to Sarah’s  Veganism-inspired posts should go a little like this: 

“Fantastic ice-cream recipes you won’t believe are Vegan”

By providing a twist on the keyword, Sarah will have made her link seem more reliable. 

  1. Bad Link Placement

If your links are posted on the pages where they don’t belong, you will be penalised with a poor ranking of your page. Rather than attempt to get your links everywhere, you will have to choose quality over quantity. In the example mentioned above, Sarah’s links must be posted on sites that frequently use her keyword to be considered authoritative. If you don’t pass up on link posting offers from sites which differ from yours, you can expect your SEO ranking to sink dramatically. 

  1. Paying For Links

While this has worked for many, payment in exchange for links can often lead to poor quality backlinks and an association to fraudulent sites. A variety of sites make their money by posting excessive links with little to no context. This practice will have the opposite of your intended effect: it is a red flag Google uses to detect unreliable sites. 

  1. Abstinence

A SEO expert will know that good link building is about establishing networks first. Without affinity to your peers, you cannot convince strong players in your industry to post links to your page. This may lead to ranking stagnation, as without the validation of authoritative sources, you will struggle to build your site’s credibility. Therefore, rather than sit back and abstain from networking, you must be willing to get into contact with popular sites and ask for backlinks or a guest posting opportunity. If you are the shy type and cannot consider reaching out to strangers with requests, you will want to work with an SEO agency in the UAE

A Finishing Note

Good link building involves avoiding the costly mistakes. Therefore, you will save by hiring an expert to do the bulk of the work for you. If you are looking for innovative optimization tactics tailored to your individual needs, book a consultation with our SEO agency in Dubai today.

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