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Search Engine Optimization has taken the world of digital marketing by storm. With the market presence of engines such as Google, ranking high is essential to your site doing well. But what is it that dictates how high you pop up on Google? The answer is a combination of many factors; the most prominent being “backlinking.” “Backlinking” is a concept you might have come across while searching for methods to improve your ranking. However, few pages have provided detailed information on how to effectively gain backlinks. Backlinks are the precious stones of search engine optimization. It is the job of SEO agencies in Dubai, and the world over, to teach you how to mine. 

So What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks refer to links to a webpage on another webpage. These links reflect repeated use of your page’s information, and a belief other parties may be interested. They are used by such engines as stamps of approval on your page — the more authoritative the website on which your link is posted, the stronger the backlink. Strong backlinks are the dominant ranking factor for Google. The more you earn such links, the higher you can expect to climb in search results. 

How Do You Get Backlinked?

Backlinks occur as a result of your content provoking a response in your audience. When this responsive audience member shares the link, they send off useful information. They believe that the content on your page may be informative, relatable, or stimulating for other general public members. The higher the authority which backlinks you, the more your content is deemed “reliable” and “trustworthy.” These impressions are a big plus for search engines. Google and its competitors have spent countless money on ensuring the first search results are the most dependable.  

For a more literal example, consider the hypothetical case of Sarah. Sarah runs a site about her bakery shop. On this site, she provides baking recipes and tips on how to give a twist to old instructions. Should Sarah post a unique egg-whisking trick she uses for cake batter, her information may get picked up by other baking sites providing similar services. Sarah’s site will be used as a source of this information, which may eventually make its way to the info giants (Wikipedia, Wikihow, etc.) Should Sarah’s site be cited on Wikipedia, Sarah can immediately expect a surge in her position on the Google search results’ page. Who would be more reliable than the source of the information?

Are Your Quality Backlinks Low? Here’s Why

The source is the most important feature of the information. Without a reliable source, the content is worthless. In this age of piracy, spamming and internet marketing scams, trust matters. And the less Google “trusts” the location of your backlink, the weaker its quality. For example, if a website dedicated to posting poor, incoherent content with rammed keywords and advertising links, its backlink to your page will be practically useless. Google penalizes you for these poor backlinks because they suggest unreliability by association. 

You may also be getting a lot of comment links. Comment links have a poor backlink value because they are usually from spambots. Another problem may be how your link is posted. Lazy, impersonal copy-pastes of your full URL or anchor name will get you penalized because they are regarded as blatant advertising rather than authentic information-sharing. These deceitful tricks are a common practice of shady “agencies” providing SEO in UAE and the rest of the world. To avoid poor quality backlinks, it is imperative you work with a reliable company. 

How To Get Lots Of Good Quality Backlinks

Sounds like a dream, right? And yet this is easily achievable through one policy: unique content, always. SEO in Dubai is no different from digital marketing in the rest of the world: the more clicks, the higher the ranking. The higher the ranking, the greater the public interest. This cycle starts and ends with one thing: public appeal. 

If you want people to backlink your page, quite simply, your content must be abundant, and it must be unique. The more singular the information you offer, the less you have to compete with powerful providers of over-shared data. 

So how do you do that? 

Simple. Create your own information. 

By writing experience-based blog posts, using testimonials and writing authentic reviews on new, exciting products and services, you can be the source of fresh information. The more your text is quoted (either because of its creativity or reliability) and your page is linked, the more quality backlinks you can expect. 

But don’t just focus on uniqueness; quality is also at play here. The better and more engaging your content, the more shares you can expect. Simple things such as spell-check, editing, picture-use, and even the presentation of your text can make a huge difference. 

Are you not convinced yet?  worry not, there are top SEO companies in Dubai eager to assist you in understanding the ins and out. But before you choose one, you need to familiarize yourself with a few other tricks that may fare well on your Backlink Profile.

Useful Tips:

  • Videos: 

Research by marketing experts  has established that visual content is most engaging to the mind. Videos are potentially the most shared links on all social media platforms. The more quality visual content you provide, the more quality backlinks you can expect. 

  • Guest Collaborations 

Consider writing an article, creating a giveaway, or filming a promotional video with a guest from your industry. The more industry experts are present in the content, the more engaging it may be to your audience. This tactic is a conventional means of “sharing” an audience with an industry peer, maximizing the number of backlinks you will get. 

  • Creating Infographics

Infographic creation may seem challenging, but it is one of the cheapest ways of earning quality backlinks. Think of an exciting trend or pattern in your industry and create an infographic on it. If the infographic is relevant to current interests, it may go viral. Viral content would be, in effect, winning the lottery of search engine optimization

To Sum it Up..

Getting a lot of backlinks may not be as hard as most may think, but it requires diligent work. This is why leaving your SEO in the wrong hands is essentially self-sabotage. Poor quality backlinks will drag your ranking down till your site is considered unreliable. The effective and innovative methods of our SEO agency in Dubai, however, will have you soaring up the ranking’s ladder. Contact us today for the quality SEO service your site needs.

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