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Reaching The Top Of Google Results: The Truth About How Long It Will Take

There is one common misconception about SEO. It is the idea that a digital marketer can immediately guarantee an excited client that within a set number of weeks, they will rank first on Google. However, experienced digital marketers will know the truth is in actuality, much more complex than that. 

So what to tell a client? The reality, quite simply. SEO can be complicated; improvement is dependent on several factors. A website’s content quality, employee skills, budget, the company’s industry, and even the levels of competition affect how fast it may rank high. 

However, a skilled digital marketer will also know that the use of certain methods and careful assessment of the client’s website needs can speed up the process. So how long does it generally take? 

We figured you did not have the time to sit through mounds of boring data to come to a satisfactory answer. So instead, we did the bulk of the work for you. Here’s everything you need to know about how long it will generally take to take a client’s website to a top ranking. 

What Makes Page Rank At The Top?

There are several factors which come into play when it comes to search engines ranking. However, a quick study of data available suggests that age may be one of the most significant factors. 

In a study performed on over 2 million keywords, marketers found that the top 10 ranking results came from pages 650 days old and above. The top-ranking page had, on average, over 950 days of existence on the web. These findings mean that on average, a page must be about three years old to rank at the top. Further research has shown that only a fifth of the pages that rank in the ten first results was created within 365 days. Most frighteningly, this same study found that a mere 1.5% of the top search engine result positions were attributed to pages younger than a year. This number will be discussed later, in the “How To Get There” section. 

Several years to arrive at a top Google ranking may seem discouraging. However, the existence of exception deeply suggests other factors can come into play and render even new pages popular on search engines. One of these factors is the domain employed. Studies have found that the higher the DR (Domain Rating) of the page, the higher it scored on Google. A high DR suggests that the page is reliable and that it is less likely to crash under an influx of visits.  Only 5.7% of new pages published on the net can expect to rank in the top 10 of Google results within a year, and they all have one thing in common. They do it within the first six months. 

How Fast Can A Page Reach A Top Ranking?

In the study mentioned above, it took on average 2-6 for new pages to make it to their top ranking. These results offer a window of possibility which should be noted. While top-ranked pages are usually older, their “fate” may be established relatively early. Simply put, these findings tell digital marketers one straight-forward thing. 

It is possible to take a page to a top Google Ranking after only two months. Tenths of thousands of newly published pages, out of a 2 million study sample, managed just that. 

However, do note that the new-page rankings for high-volume keywords aren’t as encouraging. Only 0.3% of newly created pages can except to rank Top 10 on high volume keywords. The top SEO company Dubai often focus on this number, because high-volume keywords open pages up to the much larger market. However, this is relatively challenging for even top experts in SEO in UAE. Older pages essentially have a competitive advantage over smaller ones. These pages are often owned by entities with large budgets and content-creation manpower. Thankfully, there is data to suggest that competing is possible. 

How To Get There

Let’s face it; the numbers mentioned above can be disparaging. About 95% of pages will fail to appear within the top 10 results on Google. However, 1 in 20 manage to do so, and it would be safe to assume that this is the portion of pages that have invested heavily in their SEO. But investing doesn’t necessarily mean a greater marketing budget – it simply means more work. 

But where to begin? 

SEO agency Dubai dubai have perfected a method to improve rankings within the first couple of months, which requires the five following stages: 

  • Unique Content Creation

Google seeks to bring its users varied content. In the past few years, experts in the field have observed as Google’s algorithm has evolved to boost unique posts with reliable content. Therefore, it is an inevitable step to effective marketing to create unique content in the form of blog posts, articles, or even videos. 

Strong content creation improves the likelihood of “backlinking“. Backlinking involves a page being linked on another website by a member of your audience. This process is a big plus for your page. If you’re looking to improve the ranking of a site quickly, search for creative content spins you may make, or memorable material you can create. 

  • Frequent Posting

The more you post, the more you are likely to get “backlinked”. Writing about your products or providing accessible information on your industry or market is a fantastic way to begin. By creating content on your products or services, you increase the USP (Unique Selling Point) of your site. Furthermore, this constantly reminds your audience of your presence on the market, which will likely result in more traffic. 

  • Using Guest Bloggers

The use of a guest blogger is one of the most popular ways to increase backlinking. By bringing someone with an audience onto your page, you ensure they carry with them a number of their usual followers or visitors. Furthermore, you may be featured on their own site, which Google uses as a big tick in their ranking process. 

  • Sourcing A Backlink Network

Great content must be distributed, or at least, linked to. For a site to improve its SEO without drying up their marketing budget, connections must be made with other members of their industry. Effective SEO requires trading backlinking favors (which will act as pro-bono advertising) with suppliers of your product, manufacturers, marketers, distributors, and even friends and family.

  • Post User Testimonials

User testimonials provide authentic and unique content as well as backlinks to your page. Consider featuring manufacturers, suppliers, and users of your product on your site. This process is likely to cost you nothing but still lead to a high number of backlinks. 

To Sum it Up..

Yes, it is possible to bring a page to a top Google ranking within a few months. However, this will require employing every SEO trick in the book. It is important to note, though, that tricks do not mean cheating. The more unique the content and creative the posts, the higher Google will rank a page. For this reason, great SEO requires more work than it does money. If you are looking to get effective SEO in Dubai, look no further. Our SEO agency in Dubai has a proven track-record of rapid SEO ranking improvements. Contact us today to see your site soar up Google’s first page!

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