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Why Do You Need Mobile Friendly Web Pages?

make your website mobile friendly.

The Top SEO Experts in Dubai Express Their Concern About A Large Number of Non-Mobile Friendly Websites in the UAE

We must understand why do the Top SEO experts and some of the Best SEO Agencies lay so much emphasis on making websites mobile-friendly. Do you know how much Google hates websites that are not optimized for Mobile devices? Do you know you have been losing customers worth thousands of dollars if your website is NOT Mobile-Friendly? This could be a serious threat to your online presence. You cannot afford to waste more time and you need to fix it right away. 

It doesn’t seem fair that your competitors get away with so many clients when you are working harder than the others. You must understand what is stopping the customers from reaching you. Are you aware there was a mobile-friendly update that rolled out a year ago and has adversely affected non-mobile-friendly websites and eventually their rankings drastically; When a Potential customer visits your website from a Smartphone what do they see?

In the Google Think Presentation in 2013, Google witnessed and reported a sheer increase in the number of searches carried out on mobile devices by 400%  in comparison to the same time in the previous year. Research has shown that 1 in every 3 mobile searches is now local i.e. someone is searching for a business or a service provider in your local area.  If you don’t own a mobile-optimized version of your website yet you are giving away a large share of your business to your competitors and if things continue this way, you will not be able to sustain your business for too long. In fact, the mobile devices used in the Middle East has overtaken desktop usage dramatically which means the majority of users to your website are searching on a mobile device.

The New Generation of Mobile users are hardly ever just surfing the net, they are actually searching for specific information regarding a particular service or product.  They could be searching for companies whether it be the office hours, contact number or services and if they can’t find you, they will find another company and buy from them, that means your competitors win and you lose.

So what does your website look like on a mobile device?

The problem with the old websites was NOT the design but the functionality. They are not designed for mobile devices making it difficult to navigate and takes forever to load, key information is not shown appropriately and users need
to scroll up and down to look for the desired information. If you look at a mobile-friendly website you will notice how they present information to mobile device users.

This site has a mobile-optimized version.

They provide the necessary information in a well-laid-out manner. All the information is easily accessible right from the Home Screen. Customers can call you with just a click of a button, important details such as directions, opening hours are easily found.

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