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Link Blending and Tier 2 Link Building; Your Guide to Soaring Up Google Rankings

To rank high on Google, your site needs to appear both accessible and authoritative. The more reliable your site seems, the higher Google will list it in its search results. But how do you make a search engine see you differently? It’s quite simple: you make people see your site differently, first. To improve your ranking, you will need to be linked to frequently. That way, Google asserts that your page provides information relating to many. However, Google being a billion-dollar company, you can expect that nothing to “woo” the engine will come cheap. Whether you pay in work, networking, or piles of cash, you will need to invest in your backlinking to soar up the results page. 

If you’re looking to save on money on SEO in Dubai but still garner good results, a few approaches might get you relatively far. These approaches are called Link Blending and Tier 2 Link Building. In this article, you can expect to read everything you need to know about these effective SEO methods. Hopefully, you will find the key to your website’s overnight success in the text below. 

  • Link Blending

Most people think they know how to use this approach, but SEO in the UAE frequently involves an ineffective application of this concept. Link Blending is an SEO tactic which entails “Sliding” the link to your website amidst authoritative sources. To put this into perspective, consider your current blog, page, or business. If you were to convince a friend of yours to link to your page, they would be backlinking you. However, this backlink’s worth would vary depending on the format of the linking. If your friend simply linked your page with a classic, keyword anchor, the backlinking will not account for much. Fortunately, it is possible to increase the value of this backlink by “blending” the link in the text next to credible, high-ranking sites. To use this tactic, you would need your friend to site sources like WebMD, Wikipedia, or The New York Times and link to those sites. You would also need them to link to your website, too, in the same researched, unique article. 

Link Blending Done Right

To link blend effectively, the integration of your target page URL into articles should be seamless and rational. For example, linking your site where it is irrelevant to the article’s central concept or unrelated to other links, will not work. Google has several algorithms which detect such tactics and considers this the shady work of scamming digital marketing agencies. Indeed, it is often relatively lazy or obvious work which fools neither site visitors nor prospective advertisers. To avoid such sloppy work, you may want to employ one of the top SEO companies in Dubai. Expert digital marketers will know that the article or content base for your link needs to flow in one distinct direction to a pre-established goal. Consider this hypothetical scenario: 

Stephen owns an electronic store which sells the newest phones. Stephen’s friend, Liv, runs a lifestyle blog. Stephen convinces Liv to backlink her in an article about the latest iPhone. The iPhone’s awards and accolades will be listed in the article and linked to a Wikipedia Source. Somewhere in the article, Stephen’s store should also be linked, as a distributor of the “award-winning item.” However, basic keywords should not be employed as the anchor; instead, the keyword should be incorporated subtly into a convincing, detailed anchor. In the following exemplary article fragment, the chosen keyword is: “iPhone X low rates.” 

The iPhone X has been awarded “Best Phone Of The Year” by __________________ (insert a hyperlink to a Wikipedia page on Apple’s accolades), which suggests it is worth the investment. No wonder the go-to electronic stores in Dubai are now stocking the iPhone X at low rates. The product sells itself!

To successfully linkblend, in this case, Stephen would need Liv to hyperlink the phrase “go-to electronic stores in Dubai are now stocking the iPhone X at low rates” with a link to Stephen’s page. This link should preferably be to an article or announcement about the relevant product stocking. 

Tier 2 Link Building

Tier 2 link building, as the name suggests, entails a latter stage of optimization. It involves building links to the article which links to your page. Not sure where the point of that is? Well, you may want to take a hard look at reality first. In the case of Stephen (mentioned above), unless his friend Liv has an incredibly popular, seasoned blog, the post won’t rank very high on Google. Most probably, it will not be featured anywhere near the first 50 pages. To avoid this, Stephen will need to build a lot of links to the blog post to raise its Google ranking. Once this feat is accomplished, Stephen can expect his site, which is mentioned in the high-ranked blog post, to appear much higher on the Google results page. 

Tier 2 Link Building Done Right 

This tactic is possibly one of the most straightforward in SEO. Consider the keyword for the exemplary article fragment in the above text: iPhone X low rates. ]

To strengthen his position as a provider of “low-rated iPhone Xs”, Stephen would need to build a lot of links to Liv’s blog post anchored “iPhone X @ Low rates”. For this tactic to work, it is best to use the established keyword word for word on the second-stage links. 

In Conclusion

Link blending and link building are both SEO methods that can offer fantastic results if done correctly. This is why you need the best professionals by your side to do the bulk of the work for you. If you’re looking for top tier work, we will be happy to cater to all your SEO needs. Simply contact us today to propel your page into the Google search result peaks.

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