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How to Combine PR with SEO for the Biggest Success

How to Combining PR with SEO: The Best Of Both Worlds For The Best Of Results

Over the past two decades, we have seen effective marketing evolve from solid PR strategies to a strong SEO base. However, the two practices need not be mutually exclusive. Instead, combining these two forms of brand marketing will guarantee the best results. 

There are several similarities between good PR and quality SEO. Both these practices will require a knowledge of your industry, audience base and target market, and will involve frequent networking with competition and peers. Therefore, using this overlap to expand your SEO strategies into full-fledged PR tactics will both boost your  ranking and your sales.

Unless you are an SEO guru, you may be wondering how to simultaneously use all strong SEO strategies. Therefore, it is advisable that you work with an expert in SEO in UAE to best apply the advice mentioned below. Our advice will guide you through the basics of a successful PR and SEO combination, with a few bonus tips to best implement your strategies.

Ready to become a PR and SEO guru? Here’s everything you must know first. 

Understanding The Relationship Between PR and SEO

Both Search Engine Optimization and Public Relations involve a business appealing to their audience pool to boost interest in their products or services, with the intent to gain more sales. The basis of both these practices is the understanding of the customer’s needs. Large businesses often find that their PR department and SEO team are required to tackle the same tasks: customer research, market research, surveying, keyword research, content creation and reaching out to industry peers. It will save your business a lot of money to simply attribute these tasks to one strong marketing routine: An SEO and PR synthesis. 

How To Apply SEO and PR Strategies At Once

There are simple ways in which you can use both these marketing strategies at once. The following 3 PR/SEO tips will provide you with holistic marketing routines that will require little effort and investment. 

  • Building Customer Personas 

Customer personas allow marketing teams to establish how a business’s product is used by a consumer, why it is selected by the consumer, and the power the consumer has to “advance the brand”. A qualitative approach to this consumer analysis is the creation of a “character” similar to the consumer in their behaviour. This tactic humanises the consumer, which allows the marketer to best relate to the product buyer or service user. 

To build a consumer persona for your SEO and PR, you will need to ascertain the following demographic features of your average customer: 

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Internet Use 
  • Occupation Type 

For example, a company named ‘X’, which sells luxury female perfumes, may find that most of their customers are 25-40 year old women who earn a comfortable living ($$$ and above), frequently post on social media and work in networking occupations. From this information, company X could build the persona of “Jessica”. Jessica is a hypothetical consumer that represents all of company X’s consumers. Therefore, when company X plans a public release or content for their website, they will need to have Jessica in mind. Using basic social psychology, they will want to research on what “Jessica”s of this world most enjoy to read about, learn about, and engage in. They will want to know what language is most pleasant to Jessica, as well as what could make her share content or links to products with her friends. 

If you’re uncertain how to gage such information on your site’s visitors, you will need the assistance of a professional in SEO in Dubai

  • Selecting “Absolute” Keywords

At the end of the day, traditional PR methods are translated into the 21st century with internet posts. Every publication from your business or public communication is likely to end up online. Therefore, all your communication can become “content” which will be used by Google to decide how to rank you. All strong, successful business will maintain consistency in their use of language both in PR and SEO. By selecting keywords you use both in PR and SEO, you align these engaging phrases with your brand. To use keywords in PR communications you must: 

  • Create an entry description of your services involving your strongest keyword
  • Use this description in all formal communications
  • Incorporate your keywords in posters, flyers or where applicable, packaging
  • Be willing to create pages/hashtags or other social media movements with your keywords
  • Be willing to post communication relevant to your business under the created hashtags and keywords 

It is important to note that keywords should not be altered depending on your content. Instead, they need to be used seamlessly to suggest a core link between all your material. For tips on how to choose your keywords, schedule a consultation with one of the top SEO companies in Dubai

  • Aligning Images and Terms

As mentioned before, brand consistency is key to maximising your sales and customer base. However, your brand isn’t only depicted through your keywords. Instead, you probably already have language you are comfortable in frequently using to depict your products and services. It is likely that you have one or more logos, as well as icons and images you often use in your online content. Aligning this vocabulary and images to your keywords will strengthen your brand and perceived authority. 

For example, in the example mentioned above, company “X” could find that their most popular keyword is “luxury perfume Dubai”. Because of the word “luxury” in their keyword, company X should use either the word itself or similar language in their content. Google’s algorithm is capable of distinguishing synonyms. Therefore, the more words evoking “luxury” are used in Company X’s PR, the more appeal their content will seem. 

Similarly, Company X will need to consider using imagery consistent with luxurious language as well as potential pictures of the city. With the keyword “luxury perfume Dubai”, at least 3 thematic variations of images, logos and icons can be created. Ensure you use these images in all your PR and SEO content to strengthen your brand presence. 

A Finishing Note

Effective SEO requires broadening your mind. Optimizing your site isn’t only about your use of SEO tactics, but also about your knowledge of PR. In order to attract visitors to your site, you will want to know how to speak to them. Therefore, you will need to be able to conduct PR, through networking, surveys and peer research. This can be a challenging task for the usual business owner. Instead, you may want to employ the best SEO agency in Dubai to handle the more difficult stages for you. Contact us today for the best SEO services in the market.

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