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10 Easy And & Non-technical SEO Tips For Medical Practices

10 Easy And & Non-technical SEO Tips For Medical Practices

Here are easy and & non-technical SEO Tips that Any Medical Practice can use to rank higher in the Search Engines

Everybody in the healthcare industry understands the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Indeed, SEO can be complex, and ever-evolving Google Algorithm makes it tough. If you’re not an IT or coding brainiac, you may still consider these ways to improve your search engine rankings with SEO:

1. Include References from Credible Sources

Creating outbound links to highly authoritative websites validates the information to both the readers and the search engines. References are also critical for search algorithms, as they help in creating meaningful relationships among blog topics and web entities. Ultimately, the relevance of the linked websites can enhance the relevance score of your own website giving you a tremendous SEO advantage. Additionally, citing other websites increases your credibility and opens doors to new opportunities for collaboration with well-established websites in your area of specialization. Citing other websites is one of the best ways to build rapport with influencers and thought leaders in your specialty.

2. Connect Google Analytics

It is essential to measure change and progress. There are many tools available to track and analyze the website traffic but Google Analytics is not only free, but it is the widely used one and can be easily installed with a few clicks. More importantly, Google Analytics measures the success of your marketing campaigns.

3. Publish Valuable, Relevant and Engaging Content

It is the most effective strategy for any size of the medical practice. Produce interesting and engaging content regularly. Create a blog on your website with updates 3 or more times a week.

4. Optimize Your Content With Keywords

Google reads the content on your website and assesses the website relevancy to a certain topic. It is advised to use keywords and phrases in the headings, the first and the last paragraph. Help the search engine understand what your website is all about. Avoid overstuffing of keywords, as Google can clearly see it as an attempt to manipulate the search rankings.

5. Keyword Research

Google is constantly sorting and crunching data about the words that people use to search online. Google Keyword Planner (free) to determine the most popular search terms and maximize the return on your investment.

6. Configure Sitemap on Search Console

Create a sitemap on your website & update it on Google Search Console once a month depending on how often you update your website. Sometimes, updating a sitemap can push your rankings to the 1st page of Google if you are in the top 30 positions for your target keywords. It is nothing more than a simple map to your website which makes it easy for the search engine spiders to crawl your website, for example, the Google Bots. The patients will care least about this page, but it as a useful tool for indexing a website’s pages, posts, images, videos and other files in the search engine results pages, also known as SERPs.

7. Quality Over Quantity

The Google search algorithm considers the quality of the links. Try to get links from authoritative websites of your business partners, even vendors, strategic alliances.

8. Be everywhere

Publish quality content on multiple websites to multiply and magnify your online presence. For example, your medical practice website, blog, YouTube channel, social media pages. Your visibility to prospective patients is essential. As patients need to see you at least 7 to 8 times before they actually contact you.

9. Don’t be afraid of getting professional help

SEO is a specialist skill like any medical specialty and must be dealt with by professionals. It requires a unique skill set and ongoing rigorous training. A team of several people with a variety of skill sets is involved in SEO. Get a professional SEO audit at least annually; quarterly is better. It’s a continuing process.

10. Be patient

SEO work done on the website may take weeks to reflect your rankings. Do not give up and look for progress rather than instant results. The healthcare industry is highly dependent on SEO. Therefore, the competition level is outrageous. Add long tail keywords for quick results within the first three months. Although the volume would not be too high. The high conversion would make it all worthwhile.

Trying these relatively easy SEO strategies can enhance your visibility on the search engines drastically. These tactics are not only easy to use by a layman with no technical expertise but also extremely safe.

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