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7 Backlinks A Week For SEO Success: Link-Building Your Way To The Top Of Google Results

7 Backlinks A Week For SEO Success 

SEO in the UAE has become a must for even the smallest of business’s digital marketing, and so have its link-building strategies.

Backlinks are a vital element of effective SEO. Search Engine Optimization requires raising the authority status of your site. To achieve this, you will need a solid number of backlinks. 

Essentially, the greater number of strong backlinks, the higher you will rank on Google’s results page. This will allow you to be among the first visible options for people researching the keywords relevant to your industry. 

But ranking high doesn’t just mean linking plenty; it requires quality, credible backlinks from reliable sources. Obtaining this form of backlinking can be challenging. However, you will need about 7 a week (or one every day) to make it to the first google results pages. 

Here’s a complete guide to achieving 7 strong Backlinks a week.

What Are Backlinks? 

Backlinks are the links to your pages posted on other websites. These links suggest the appeal and relevance of your page’s information, and a desire to share it with other parties. Search engines consider backlinks stamps of approval on your page. The strength of the backlink will depend on the authority of the website that has posted it. It will also be influenced by the keywords employed in the anchored text to your pages, as well as its placement in the text. 

Quality Backlinks: Hard To Achieve But Worth The Effort

You will need strong backlinks to earn “indexing points”, which Google uses to rank your site. A strong backlink is one provided from a page of preferable length existence (1 year +) amidst informative content relating to your page(s) or business activity. 

Google has established means of tracking spam posts and comments, so “scamming” SEO agencies in Dubai and the rest of the digital-marketing-savvy world frequently find their lazy backlinking measures to lead to penalties. Instead, Google wants unique, reliable content with links based on relevance and projected audience interest. 

Many companies will offer to raise your ranking by providing you with hefty backlinking. However, these companies often trade spun content mentions for very small fees and will pile the links into their articles. These links are rated poorly on Google, and so are the pages linking them. Repeated association to such pages will sink your rating. 

A quality backlink, on the other hand, will be used by Google’s “indexing crawlers” to establish how beneficial your content or pages may be to web surfers, in terms of entertainment or information. 

To achieve quality backlinks, you will need to employ a combination of technical link building strategies and more traditional SEO methods such as: 

How To Earn At Least 7 Backlinks A Week 

7 has been deemed the golden number in this case because it permits you to earn at least one backlink a day. Here are few key tactics to obtaining at least 7 backlinks a week: 

  • Look For Broken Links On Peers’ Pages 

Broken links are relatively harmful to a site’s ranking. Therefore, you can kill two birds with one stone by contacting peer websites in your industry and convincing them to replace their broken links with a link to your page. 

Consider the following example for clarity:

John owns a taco bar in Dubai. Relevant parties in John’s industry are food critics and blog owners suggesting cool pages to eat in the city. Directories of local attractions and businesses may also offer this information. 

John will be required to perform research on every relevant “peer” in his industry. Then, using the help of tools such as the Dead Link Checker, John can find the pages on each peer site with broken links. Chances are that John will find a page with a dead link anchored with text matching the keywords he uses on his site. 

He will need only contact the person running the site and request for your site to replace the dead link. Though this method is not always successful, hiring a professional in SEO in Dubai will improve your chances of positive results. Furthermore, they may be better trained to carry out lengthy, tedious (yet necessary) tasks such as looking through all the broken links of local business pages. 

  • Writing Guest Posts 

Most site owners are aware that frequently publishing content on their site is necessary to improve the traffic to your pages. However, content creation for your own blog or page and for other pages need not be mutually exclusive. While this will require more work, for which you may require assistance from one of the reliable SEO companies in Dubai, you will need to create posts for other websites in order to comfortably create links to your page. Research has shown that the anchor text used in backlinks accounts for 20.6% of the ranking/indexing points used by Google’s algorithm

By writing guest posts for other blogs, you will be able to decide on your anchor text and as importantly, ensure it is immersed in quality content. 

Contact the owners of websites pertaining to your industry and offer mutual guest posting. This way, you will not jeopardize the amount of content you post on your site weekly, but still gain an additional backlink source. 

  • Mimic Your Competitors’ Backlinking Strategies

There is nothing new under the sun. Most effective backlinking strategies have already been coined by industry experts with extensive means and SEO budgets. Therefore, you will save yourself a lot of costly research by simply copying successful tactics of high-ranking competitors. 

You will need to subscribe to their newsletters and pay attention to their use of keywords, their calls for shares and other backlink-obtaining techniques. 

For assistance on the analysis of the information you may gage, you may need to consult a SEO expert. Thankfully, an array of professionals in Dubai are already versed in most innovative SEO strategies you will find your competitors using. 

A Concluding Note 

Getting at least 7 backlinks a week is likely to guarantee improvement in your SEO ranking. However, you should not obsess over this number. Instead, you will want to make quality connections with peers in your industry to trade links. Getting this database of peers can be quite difficult. Therefore, you may want to invest in the services of the best SEO agency in Dubai. 

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