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3 Major Benefits of Rich Results with Advanced Schema Markup

Understanding the information and content on the internet does not require rocket science. However, for this reason, major search engines created a system that enables one to have rich, relevant, and reputable information.

 Schema Markup is a detailed and broad labeling structure that allows the search engine to figure out and deliver your content results. That means it is a system that facilitates your website to rank well on the search engine result pages.

 Therefore for one to have rich results, you have to empress and add Schema Markup to your website. 

 But, what are the benefits of rich results with advanced schema markup?

 Well, this article is here to highlight the benefits.

  1. According to schema markup case studies and Google case studies, the rich results with schema markups drive businesses to achieve high results and high search rankings on Google.

The study showed that clicks per page improved by 26%, with page impressions rising to 35%. Besides, the time taken by customers on the search pages with results rose to 150%.

  1. Rich results with schema markup enable you to take control of your business brand. Moreover, it helps win, own and control customer experiences on your website.

The schema Markup enables you to create an unforgettable first impression on your customers.

How? You decide how you would want the information understood on the website.

  1. Rich results with schema markups help you exercise authority on all search pages and surfaces.

Moreover, improved clicks per page show an improved informational engagement with your customers.

Therefore, Google will recognize the trend, and thus you will have an improved presence on almost all search surfaces.


Rich results with schema markup have revolutionized how a search engine understands and highlights essential pieces of information.

However, based on a recent study, less than 25% of websites take advantage of rich results with schema markup. Therefore take advantage and have the above and many more benefits.

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