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3 Best Benefits of Featured Snippets

To understand the benefits of featured snippets, allow me to explain what featured snippets are.

 For starters, featured snippets are paragraphs, words, or lists that appear in the form of boxes at the top of your search surfaces displayed by Google.

 That means it is the easiest way that Google determines if a website’s content and information are well structured, simple, functional, and informative when looking to answer a client’s question.

 Therefore, once Google determines if the featured snippets rank top on the Google pages, you will have the following benefits to your website.

1. Increased Website Traffic

Featured snippets Increases clicks per page and traffic to your website. Look, according to Adrefs, you increase traffic to your website by 31% if you have featured snippets on your website.

Likewise, the clicks per content improve because of increased traction of clients as they seek relevant content.

2. Enhanced technological use on your website

Based on a study done by dbsinteractive, there has been an improvement in voice search using 41% in adults. Again, the advancement of mobile phone usage has pushed the use of voice search to 50%.

 Voice search uses an aspect of Google search engines that help pick the relevant words in the questions, thus linking them to your featured snippets.

3. Improves authority in the content provided on search pages

Featured Snippets increase the clicks on the contents on your website because of the high ranking by Google.

 Moreover, your clients will have an impression of you being a leading website with authenticated content. This makes your website more appreciated, reliable, and authoritative. 


Your website needs to have reliable, authoritative, and enticing content. However, to have your position as a top website in this internet content warfare, consider using featured snippets in your website content.

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