Obsession with large volumes of traffic could cost you a fortune

Its sad to see how people are still obsessed with large volumes of Google traffic. It’s the clarity of mind of the visitors that results in purchases, not the volume of the Google traffic that visits your website. Getting fewer people who are clear in their mind about what they want, is far more effective than hundreds of visitors looking for information. People who have made up their mind about what they want are closer to the buying decision. Businesses fail to understand that they can easily target such people with long tail keywords (4 to 5 words) and don’t have to wait for months to reach page 1 for head words (1 to 2 words). Ignoring the value in the long tail keywords (4 to 5 words) is an opportunity lost. Therefore, keyword selection is the first step in search engine optimization. Some business owners don’t understand the user intent behind each type of the search term e.g people searching for “smart phones” (1 to 2 words) are just in the research phase and are not ready to buy. While people searching for terms like “iPhone 7 reviews” are more likely to buy. Some of my clients still insist on focusing more on head keywords that attract large volumes of traffic. 6 months later, they are on page 1, their phone ringing off the hook all day long, but those are merely inquiries not necessarily conversions. The more specific search terms people use, the closer they are to the buying decision. Although, targeting such people results in low volume traffic but certainly more conversions, and more sales. Isn’t that what all of us want with search engine optimization? Businesses must let go of their obsession with traffic from a few broad terms. They should shift their focus to a larger set of long tail keywords, targeting people who know what they want and are ready to buy. Summary Investing in getting a few people with the intention to buy is better than 10 confused people who don’t know what they want. A Long tail keyword that shows user’s intent to buy is where we should invest.

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