Conversion: Add Facebook Pixel for tracking past website visitors

Conversion: Add Facebook Pixel for tracking past website visitors



People have an attention span lower than that of a goldfish.

Did you know that roughly 95% of your website visitors will leave without taking a single action (such as giving you their email address or buying one of your awesome products or services)?

What if you could capture some of that traffic and then remind them about all the awesomeness you have to offer back on your website?

Well, you can. Say hello to the Facebook Pixel.

People need to interact with a brand at least 14 times before they actually purchase the product or service of the same brand. Showing your ad once, or visiting your website once will not always result in a successful sale. Increase your conversion rate with Facebook Remarketing.

In order to run an ad targeted at your past website visitors, you must embed a pixel code on your website which is assigned to you by Facebook. If you do not know how to set up Facebook Pixel on your website. Then let our expert team help you out.

What’s the Facebook Pixel?

It’s a piece of code that sits on your website and captures the details of the visitors and stores the information in your Facebook Ad account. You can then create ads to target your past website visitors.

You’ve probably already seen lots of these ‘retargeting’ ads on Facebook when you are browsing a website and then you come back into Facebook and it seems like you’re being stalked. Because exactly what you were looking at shows up as an ad in your newsfeed. You continue to see the ads of a particular brand because you visited their website earlier and that website was carrying the Facebook Pixel code that we are about to install on your website.



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