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Kanwal Shahzad – Managing Partner – SEO Dubai

Kanwal Shahzad - Managing Partner - SEO Dubai 1 SEO Dubai
Kanwal Shahzad - Managing Partner - SEO Dubai 2 SEO Dubai
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Kanwal Shahzad

Entrepreneur | Visionary | Advocate of Positivity & Happiness

K Shahzad was born in 1983, in the city of Karachi, Pakistan. She has worked for companies like Ernst&Young, NCR, and local companies in the UAE. She has been based in Dubai since 2009.

Kanwal is an accomplished entrepreneur who has been a source of inspiration for many. Most of her core strategies for creating breakthroughs have come from her work with some of the biggest names in the Digital Marketing World: she had the privilege of modeling and distilling the strategies of leaders in some of the fastest growing internet marketing companies in the world. She used these distinctions to help optimize and grow enterprises to new and more profitable levels.

Kanwal left the corporate world to pursue her passion in marketing in 2015. She is an accomplished Entrepreneur with a natural flair for creativity. She is a visionary with an eagerness to grow community trends & spread positivity & happiness across the globe.

As a CEO, she’s leading her successful digital marketing agency in Dubai, Smart Digital Marketing: Kanwal S. is associated with British Columbia International Academy & Pomegranate Institute as a digital marketing trainer, helping youth shape up their future and attain financial freedom with a comprehensive training and Internship program. She is a strong believer of giving back to the society. She is blessed enough to have insight and the opportunities to be able to give back. Her goal is to feed the hungry around the world and educate the racially/ethnically diverse children.

Smart Digital Marketing, is a Digital Marketing Company focused on bringing people together and forming strong communities of shared values and goals. Kanwal is a recognized keynote speaker, a respected mentor, and a marketing trainer to large corporates.

Smart Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies in the region.

For the past 15+ years, Caval has focused on growing the full service Digital Marketing Company with the aim to align marketing campaigns, with the goals & the values of the companies. She bridges the gap between brands & consumers with innovative marketing concepts and campaigns.

Kanwal S. also supports orphan & needy children, people of determination, youth development, women empowerment, and the overall well-being of the society. She exclusively promotes and works for companies with congruent goals. She believes as human beings, we are designed to achieve personal fulfillment through giving back to the society.

Kanwal is currently writing her 1st book “Growing Beyond Numbers”, where she reveals the most effective marketing strategies that led companies to long-term sustainability, extreme fame, fortune, and several national and international awards.

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Kanwal Shahzad - Managing Partner - SEO Dubai 6 SEO Dubai
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