Why Do You Need Video Marketing in 2019?

Video marketing

There are More than 6 billion hrs of video streamed on YouTube every month. That is an hour of video for everybody on earth, being viewed month-in, month out. 100 hours of videos are submitted to YouTube every second. Video elicits an emotional reaction you might say that no other media may. YouTube is the second most popular internet search engine in the UK, and the second most popular social network after Facebook and above Twitter. Whilst we may be engaged by written or sound content, or get drawn in by a picture, the video includes the durability of written content in addition to immediacy and approach-ability of videos, to supply a medium that may actually resonate with viewers while harnessing the power of visualization.

The bottom line is, video allows you to give the greatest preview of your brand. It makes your products and services sit in the closest proximity to the public – captivating, exciting, interactive and engaging – Your audience views your brand videos all on the go with the increased use of smartphones.

There is more, the video is a secret weapon used by SEO mavens for Search Engine Optimization. Video marketing may help you sit higher up Google’s pages if used correctly. An internet site is actually 50 times more likely to appear on the 1st page of Google search engine pages if it includes a video.

The rich content provided by one more video may help you keep your eyes on the same page for longer and engages the traffic deeper into your website. Employing a brand video has been said to improve the intention to buy by 97%, and increase brand affiliation by 139%! Is video content more interesting than written content? Content online can be mesmerizing, but it’s much harder to seize your audience’s attention online, as online patience levels are so much lower than if we actually reading a magazine or book. Online, your audience will read in a certain pattern – they will look at the headings and subheadings, and pick out a few horizontal sentences from the content, while completely looking over prepositions and adjectives. They will only consider nouns relevant to their web search query, or interests. Forrester Research shows that only 20% of your web traffic will read the most of your onsite text, where 80% may watch this same content if it is delivered in video format.

How do you create a successful video? After all, even when your video is in front of 1000 of the audience, there is no guarantee that you will have a captured audience to watch your full video.

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