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 The Best Daily Deals in Dubai

Big Savings in Dubai on Food & Restaurants! Hefty Discounts on Spa & Beauty! Special Offers on entertainment & activities! Dubai’s Best Daily Deal Vouchers for !

If you have a great product;
We have a great system to sell it!

For our clients who wish to keep their marketing cost low yet obtain remarkable results we have introduced a new Daily Deals platform in Dubai. You can now showcase and sell your services and products, run special promotions and benefit from free advertising using a combination of latest marketing techniques never been offered before.


YouTube Marketing

We have reinvented the daily deals experience for our buyers. We have introduced video marketing for all our deals. We conceptualize free videos about your product and services.

And they are streamed on our website and YouTube, tapping into a new sales channel with enormous conversion prospects.

All you have to do is give us images of your products and services, team, a message from the CEO, video testimonials from your customers, e.g. if you are running a restaurants you may give us images of your restaurants. When the buyers see your happy customers they are more likely to purchase your deal.

If you don’t wish to share your images we will create one from our own library.

This is a proven technique all over the world, to engage your customers, to help them visualize and then materialize. Online stores have achieved high conversion rates by adapting to the phenomena of visualization.

Powerful imagery, clear and concise messaging and a discount deal no one can resist.

Social Media Integration

Leveraging the power of Social Media

We give you access to a suite of value added internet marketing services. Get free access to our Social Media Management tool.

Free social media integration. All our deals are streamed across 20 social networks, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin.

Marketing for Start-up

Smart Dealson is the ultimate solution for startups. They can reach out to thousands of potential customers through our daily deals portal. Attracting new customers has never been so easy with our latest techniques to engage your customers. Daily deals is the only form of advertising that is measurable, pays for itself and easily fits into everyone’s Budget. No Upfront Cost

The Merchant Experience

Reporting and stats

We provide a higher level of intelligence about the customer behavior.

Daily Analytical Report of your Deal post-feature demographics and impact analysis.

Our Business partners

We bring all players in the electronic, mobile and social domain to partner and collaborate with each other in a synergetic and rewarding experience enabling a customer to initiate online trade.

Tailored Digital Marketing Solutions

We gain understanding of your business and offer tailored solutions to your marketing needs.

Our Audience

  • A large database of subscribers
  • We introduce and promote your product to eager, engaged subscribers who actively search for useful and fun products.
  • We put you in front of the Largest Audience
  • We redirect Big Traffic to your Website and social Pages.
  • We don’t leave until we have delivered the promised results.
  • Market your services/products in front of a large audience not only in the UAE but worldwide

A Smart Merchant Centre

for our Smart Dealson Clients. Get the support you need, every step of the way. We give you everything you need to make your Smart Dealson experience a success—so you can do what you do best.

  • Sellers can add a single or bulk products through CSV, upload photos, Set Prices, Quantity, Status
  • View a snapshot of recent account activity and update account information
  • View Customer Orders, date, name, payment status, fulfillment status,
  • Redeem vouchers by name, gain valuable customer insights, track the success of your promotions, and view customer comments
  • “Reminder Email” is sent to the vendor for unfulfilled orders to prevent fraud.
  • Buyer can rate the seller,& those ratings will be visible on store and seller profile page(back end).
  • Measure Impact and Profitability of our campaigns with our Merchant Center analytic.

Merchant Support

We do the online set-up for your deals and our production team will expertly prepare your deal with imagery and relevant content, featuring your special offer on the front page of our website and in our daily emailer on the launch day.

Whatever your business, we can help you create the perfect deal! Make sure your business can handle a rush of new customers, limit the total number of vouchers available so that you can manage the influx.

Try us for free because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The possibilities with Smart Dealson are INFINITE!

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