CSR Marketing

CSR used to be a very much a long-term play. However, with CSR Marketing the results are sustainable and the impact is instrumental in terms of marketing and branding.

Although, we encourage our clients to promote their CSR activities in all the marketing campaigns to develop a positive feeling about their brand, we also offer CSR marketing as a separate service.

A firm commitment to serving the consumers has a significant impact on the revenue. According to a survey from Better Business Journey, 88% of customers say they’re more likely to buy from a company that supports and engages in activities that improve society.

“Corporate Social Responsibility is an ethical management concept where companies aim to integrate social, economic and environmental concerns along with the consideration of human rights into their business operations.”

It is very important to the overall health of your organization especially from a marketing and branding perspective.

It’s about creating a tangible change socially, economically, and environmentally.

We promote the CSR goals of our clients by creating epic content around social, economic and environmental concerns and promoting them through social media.

CSR Marketing is fruitful for companies that

  • Deliver good value for money and provide high quality products and services,
  • Provide good after-sales support & customer service,
  • Support or care for a social cause,
  • Care about their customers, the environment, and the society as a whole.


Offering businesses a sustainable and responsible way to use advertising dollars in a way that improves the community and increases brand affinity. Not all marketing metrics are equal. SDM gives you ROI plus improves lives.

“88% of global consumers want companies to tell them what they are doing to operate responsibility.” Cone Communications, Global CSR Study

Audience Targeting

Reach your target audience by forming communities of people with shared goals, specific demographic and causes they support.


We implement a remarketing and retargeting strategy to engage the past visitors who have previously interacted with your content.


Non-profit partners, volunteers, and the consumers share and promote your campaign on their social networks, spreading a positive message about your brand devoted to making a major impact on your target communities.


CSR Marketing campaigns offer Extrinsic rewards like increased profitability and brand awareness, as well as the Intrinsic rewards of personal fulfillment.

Ad Creative’s

Your campaign pages offer you Video, Banner, and way more AD extensions and customized options to connect and engage your current and future customers.

Other features

Better Impression, Measurable Results, Increased Engagement, Superior ROI

Smart Digital Marketing takes great pride in working for reputable organizations delivering high quality products and services to the end consumer. We work with companies who recognize their social responsibility and contribute to the well-being of the society.

  • Who adopt a customer centric approach

We choose to work with clients who are focused on meeting the changing needs of their customers.

  • who are contributing to the well-being of the society as a whole

Our clients contribute to the society with their high quality products, services or in the form of charity. We believe the ultimate success of the organization depends on the value they offer.

  • Who have an active and healthy business already

Our services are for companies that are up and running already and simply want to move a lot faster and a lot farther.

  • who are getting a steady flow of leads and customers

This means they are already getting consistent traffic and generating leads, they are running ads, promoting their services & successfully selling their products/services. They do not have to be a household name.

  • who have a good, solid product and a good reputation

We are not only focused on more sales and profits, we are determined to generate MASSIVE goodwill in your market

CSR Marketing 1 SEO Dubai

Companies Taking TOP 20 CSR Initiatives in 2021

CSR Marketing 2 SEO Dubai

Companies Taking TOP 20 CSR Initiatives in 2021

A CSR marketing campaign creates the right brand image and helps companies connect with their target audience emotionally & influences their buying decision. CSR is becoming abundantly popular among the millennials and therefore is an effective marketing and branding strategy in 2021.

Creating Brand Awareness

Companies all over the world spend millions annually on CSR to create a positive impact and brand awareness in the society.

Develops A Positive Brand Image

Enhance a brand’s ability to and maintain a positive image in the consumer marketplace.

Increases Brand Credibility

Smart CSR Marketing campaigns enhance the credibility of an organization by highlighting the expertise, trustworthiness and likability. We emphasize on the values of our clients which clearly demonstrate their integrity and commitment to people.

Elicits Brand Engagement

Makes a positive impact on your Sales

Recent studies have shown that organizations engaging in socially responsible activities produce long-term financial gains and value. consumers are becoming increasingly aware about local, national as well as global issues. There is no denying that these issues greatly influence their buying decisions. Therefore, they prefer to buy more from companies that show commitment and take action to overcome these issues. Such companies resonate greatly with the customers.

Higher ROI With Cause Integrated Marketing

Get 60% More Return On Investment from your Advertising Spend with Cause Integration in your Marketing campaigns. Get guaranteed Impact and Results!

Validates purchase of Non essential products

Most purchases aren’t about satisfying a need. Sure, there are instances where customers need products to survive, but most purchases are rooted in wants. When a company is able to tie a purchase that is otherwise seen as non-essential to something larger than the product, customers have an easier time validating the purchase in their minds.

Positive Brand Feelings

Studies show that people are highly reliant on their emotions, more than the information given in ads, to make buying decisions. Emotions have the biggest influence on a person’s intent to buy than the content of an ad itself. We make sure we create a good feel about the brand in the competitive market.

Personal Fulfillment

Brands that create positive feelings make the consumers feel happy and fulfilled. Personal fulfillment is hard to achieve in the fast paced world of today. However, once achieved, people hook on to it for the rest of their lives. When we attach a social cause to a product, the brand loyalty shoots through the roof.

Creating A Sense of Brand Community

We leverage CSR initiatives to develop communities of people with shared values and connect brands with people. It has been the marketers biggest challenge to bring the two together and find common grounds.

SDM provide CSR opportunities to our clients and promote their CSR initiatives. We offer an array of opportunities ranging from Youth Development, Women Empowerment, Feeding The hungry, Healthcare & Well-being etc. We form strong connections in local communities. These connections fuel the brand’s growth and result in better connectivity.

Beneficial For The Society

The ultimate success of a marketing campaign comes from benefits delivered to our clients, the consumers, and the society as a whole.
We believe that each one of us has a social responsibility which must be met through everyday decisions we make in our lives, the decision to buy from socially responsible companies can be life changing.

If your brand is looking for a boost, CSR is the answer.

The normal way of marketing might not reflect your values & what is most important to you & the consumers. It could even be toxic to your brand image over time.

Eventually, such marketing fails to impact the consumers’ choice. As they are not aligned with the consumers’ personal goals.

We align the purpose of life, organizational values of our clients with the consumers’ personal goals.

Working Together to Make a Difference in Your Community

We develop cross sector collaboration between businesses, non-profits, and individuals to create brand awareness and positive brand image. We generate high quality leads and brand loyalty. Simultaneously, our marketing campaigns raise funding and awareness for social issues.

The smart marketing model offers businesses a sustainable and responsible way to use advertising dollars in a way that improves the community and increases brand affinity. We help companies grow beyond numbers.

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