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Youth Development Program

We have developed an E-commerce platform where students are trained to source products and sell them online. Our goal is to make our youth self sufficient and support students who could not complete their education due to lack of funds. It is a challenge to earn money and complete the education at the same time. However, our plug and play marketing & selling solutions are easy to use.

Additionally, we are in the process of setting up a computer laboratory in Jordan for Syrian Refugees. We say no to war and wish for peace worldwide. We have collaborated with Hold My Hand to setup computer labs with 20 computers and a smart board, where students can hone their IT skills free of cost. Our goal is to provide technical knowledge and practical training preparing them for the real world challenges. The same lab is also used to teach other subjects like English, Mathematics, and Science.

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Women Development Program

Internet is a true blessing for women in the muslim world. They can now run their business from the comfort of their home. We frequently conduct free Digital Marketing Training for women, helping them to make money online. Our qualified trainers are associated with British Columbia International Academy and Pomegranate Institute Dubai. All housewives, widows, divorcees, single mothers, and unmarried ladies above 35 are welcome to join the 3 Day program. We focus on delivering practical advice, latest marketing strategies, and train them to start a small online business with no to minimal investment. We support UN Agenda 2030. Our goal is to end poverty by creating new revenue streams for women so they can enhance their standard of living, happy mothers raise happy nations.

Feed The Hungry

We have collaborated with F&B leaders to support needy families in the Middle East. Such families shy away from reaching out for help. We are here to help by making sure they receive monthly food vouchers redeemable at selected stores. A well nourished family is more likely to be happy, less likely to feel deprived and reduce the chances of criminal offence. We support UAE Government’s aims to make the country amongst the top five happiest countries in the world by 2021. At Smart Digital Marketing we believe in doing simple things to promote happiness in the region.

We understand the adverse effects of malnutrition on child mortality in developing countries. Caval Shahzad, the Managing Partner at Smart Digital Marketing is actively involved in providing education & nutrition to children in the refugee camps through local trusts and foundations. We aim to supply at least 1 meal a day for Kindergarten Children.

Guardianship of Orphans & Needy Children

In collaboration with Hold My Hand, we are determined to provide education, safety, health, love and care to orphans and needy children. We are a group of people who have broken all the barriers of Nationality, Religion, Ethnicity and Politics to hold the hands of helpless, vulnerable, traumatized and hungry children in the Syrian refugee camps.

Health & Fitness for Disabled

Every year UAE holds 30 X 30 fitness challenge. However, there is very little people with various physical disabilities can do in order to participate in the fitness challenge. We noticed the gap and reached out to one of our US based clients who sells fitness equipment specially designed for people on the wheel chair and even bedridden. We loved the concept. We strongly believe that every gym, fitness club and even hospitals should have it.
It is now being used at the top special needs service organization in Abu Dhabi. Good Health and fitness is equally important for the disabled.

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