Click Fraud Investigation

Stop the unwanted traffic and reduce your Ad spend

Click fraud has become a dilemma. It has been impossible to detect  click fraud, until now. We use our advanced algorithm to detect a bot clicking on your ad. You can take your report to your ad agency and pay only for good traffic. You wont have to pay for fake clicks ever again.

Pay For Good High Quality Traffic Only!

We increase your Return On Investment (ROI) by giving you full control over the traffic coming to your website. You end up paying for bots not only human when running paid ads.Therefore, we block Malicious Visitors and Data Thieves from entering your website.

Control Who Sees Your Content

Display an under maintenance page to unwanted traffic and redirect them to any page you like. Our algorithm identifies harmful traffic, stopping it before it even reaches your website.

Block Unwanted Traffic And Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Did you know that your website constantly gets hit by bad bots? These bad bots enter your website and leave immediately, while increasing your bounce rate which harms your online rankings.


You will get access to reports and analytics so you can assess the actual performance of your ad campaign.

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