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Siteground Vs. Bluehost – Better Choice For Hosting Clinic Websites

Selecting the best web hosting service is a nerve-shattering experience since hosting makes or breaks your site. You have to start by spending hours of research trying to cut down the list of prospects and then comparing all the service providers. In this review of Siteground Vs. Bluehost, we will see which company offers the best service. 

Along with offering an ideal platform for beginners and popular blogs, both Bluehost and Siteground are an excellent choice for hosting clinic websites. While the two brands are leaders in their category, their extreme popularity continues earning them millions of customers each. There are plenty of other online web hosting comparisons and reviews confirming the popularity index of these two brands. 

Factors Influencing The Selection Of A Web Hosting Service

Before getting into the comparison features between Siteground and Bluehost, it’s essential that we first look at the factors informing a useful web hosting choice. 

In a previous survey by a popular blog involving over 6,000 respondents, the results for the most significant element of a web host were as shown in the figure below: 

Siteground Vs. Bluehost - Better Choice For Hosting Clinic Websites 9

The most valuable aspects of web hosting, Source: Inlinehostblogger

Individual users have varying opinions on the value of these components, depending on specific website requirements. Beginners, for example, are likely to go for ease of use above speed, while the popular blogs will prefer speed to ease of use. What you prefer is entirely based on your needs. However, below is a summary table for a quick comparison of the two web hosting brands to help you make the best decision. 

PopularityVery popularWaning Popularity 
Website SpeedExcellentDisappointing
UptimeVery ReliableGood
SecurityEmploys best industry security3rd Party security
For BeginnersBeginner-friendly features e.g., free transfer and setup wizard, among othersAverage
WordPress and CloudExcellent with vastly optimized Cloud and WordPress offersAverage
PricingLow primary cost, 3 times for renewals Opening cost and renewal rates are affordable
Customer SupportOutstandingGood
UA InterfaceCustomcPanel


Breaking Down The Comparison: Siteground Vs. Bluehost

If you are trying to select between Bluehost and Siteground in 2021, this could be the easiest decision this year. Let us put the two hosting service providers to the test and find out how they match up against each other. 

Siteground Vs. Bluehost: The Most Popular Choice

Both providers feature in the Top 10 Web Hosting Companies for 2021, with about 2 million clients each. Bluehost with over 2M sites, the service provider has more than 750 employees. Bluehost has been on a steady path of growth since 2003 when it first came into the market. After a 2010 purchase by EIG, things started changing for the company.

Founded in 2004, Siteground employs more than 400 persons and hosts over 2M domain names. Over the years, the Bulgarian company has grown into one of the most popular shared hosting web providers. 

Going by the popularity contest at Google Trends, Bluehost quickly carries the day. 

SiteGround vs Bluehost google trends
Siteground Vs. Bluehost - Better Choice For Hosting Clinic Websites 10

Bluehost vs. Siteground Popularity Index at Google Trends

The reality, nonetheless, is that Siteground is more accessible to Bluetooth. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that every blogger seems to be recommending the latter, and every newbie finds themselves on the platform. Bluehost pays bloggers and other affiliates a minimum of $65 per sale, which is more than Siteground’s minimum of $50 for each transaction. 

If you try digging into the over 11,000 Facebook WordPress Hosting group, Siteground has been voted the best web host for two consecutive years, 2021 and 2021. 

siteground vs bluehost survey facebook poll
Siteground Vs. Bluehost - Better Choice For Hosting Clinic Websites 11


2017 WordPress Hosting Facebook group poll results

bluehost vs. siteground hosting survey
Siteground Vs. Bluehost - Better Choice For Hosting Clinic Websites 12

2016 WordPress Hosting Facebook group poll results

The poll results do not mean that Siteground is more extensive or widespread; in contrast,  Bluehost is a significantly larger company than Siteground based on the total number of domain names they host. Most hosting giants, including Bluehost, often have problems managing their high amounts of customers, which eventually hurts their performance, along with the quality of support. 

SiteGround Vs Bluehost popularity
Siteground Vs. Bluehost - Better Choice For Hosting Clinic Websites 13


Siteground Vs. Bluehost popularity growth over the years

Siteground Vs. Bluehost: The Fastest and Most Reliable Service Provider

Hosting plays a significant role in how fast your site loads, which influences everything from user experience, SEO, and conversion rates. In comparing Bluehost’s and Siteground’s speeds, we are using Review Signal’s performance tests of 2021.

For the middle-level plans, GrowBig plan vs. Plus plan from Siteground and Bluehost respectively, the results were as follows:

  • Load testing, mimicking up to 1,000 simultaneous users: Siteground was excellent while Bluehost was struggling by posting errors and more response times. 
  • Load testing, mimicking up to 2,000 simultaneous users: Siteground was excellent while Bluehost resulted in unresolvable security issues. 



Siteground Vs. Bluehost - Better Choice For Hosting Clinic Websites 14



A Siteground hosted webpage loads at 1.7s.

Siteground Vs. Bluehost - Better Choice For Hosting Clinic Websites 15



A similar webpage hosted at Bluehost loads at 2.9s.

Siteground Vs. Bluehost: The Best Prices in 2021 

Each website has distinct requirements according to its content and traffic, which boils down to bandwidth or storage space. Bluehost has the best offers in terms of both bandwidth and prices. 

Basic plan10GB for $3.95 / month50GB for $2.95 / month
Middle plan20GB for $5.95 / monthUnlimited for $5.95 / month
Higher plan30GB for $11.95 / monthUnlimited for $5.95 / month

Along with the cheaper rates and more bandwidth in each category, Bluehost’s plans come with a free domain name, which awards them the best price category for 2021. 

Siteground Vs. Bluehost: WordPress and Cloud Servers

WordPress is the most popular content management system for web hosting. It is vital to choose a web host whose servers are optimized for WordPress, together with productivity enhancement tools. The table below is a summary of the primary WordPress server features with each of the hosting providers. 

Type of FeatureSitegroundBluehost
Easy installation  
Automatic updates: systemLikely 
Automatic updates: pluginLikely 
Integrated caching system

Must install a plugin
Staging area Available with GrowBig and GoGeek plans 

Siteground Vs. Bluehost: Best Customer Satisfaction Service  

Siteground outperforms Bluehost in terms of customer satisfaction polls. To showcase customer satisfaction data, below is a table with sentiments from three popular reviews. 

2018 CodeInWP surveyAverage user rating out of 54.63.3
2019 Web Hosting Geeks dataAverage user rating out of 1008040
2019 Review Signal dataPercent of positive mentions72%41%

Siteground vs. Bluehost Customer Satisfaction Data



Nothing provides a better selection of web hosting providers to choose from than hard data. Looking at the Siteground Vs. Bluehost 2019 comparison from various metrics of real users, the trends are clear. Siteground provides the right web host choice with plenty of features and happy customers. Since each project is different, Bluehost might still be a preferable choice depending on the customer’s specific website needs. 

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